Vibrational Medicine: The 1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies




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10 reviews for Vibrational Medicine: The 1 Handbook of Subtle-Energy Therapies

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    eleanor glorioso

    great condition of book

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    Harinder Singh

    Richard Gerber has attempted to link science to the spiritual subject of energy healing which at best is a difficult task. Being a Reiki Healing Channel myself for the last 16 years, my experience with healing people matches greatly with what he has presented in this book. I have used many of his mentioned healing arts such as flower essences, crystals, magnets, yoga techniques over the years & have found them to be useful as well as beneficial. His Einstein dominant approach vs the present Newtonian thinking convinces through his explanations, the mindset we should be following as science matures to catch up with understanding the universe (or rather multiverse) we live in. The book explains the theoretical basis of many energy based healing modalities which can sound miraculous but which are based on natural laws as yet not fully understood or acknowledged by the majority. There is a saying among the Hindus: A poet reaches (by expression) where the Sun cannot & experience teaches (goes beyond expression in words) what a poet cannot. Science may try to prove many things right or wrong but it is limited due to following the defined route of the scientific method which presupposes many givens & constants. Nature is far more complex & has many more variables which cannot be correctly deduced in an experimental environment. Thus, the need for experience which can only be authenticated by a practitioner. The greater the number of practitioners who conclude the same results upon testing such methods, the more truth such methods prove. Richard Gerber has exposed us to such practitioners & their experiences.

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    Elizabeth H.

    This book is written by an MD and helps one understand deeper relationships in the body and how energy informs our body and soul. Some of it is pretty grounded and accessible, some gets cosmic, but it all is tied together with science underpinnings and some good studies.I am an energy practitioner (the masterful type with a science background, not the fringe type) and this book allows me to come out from being judged as “woo” (which I hate, these are principles of the universe and physics folks) and helps people see a larger framework.Science and medicine is fine but a very small box. And guess what – as soon as pharma/science can monetize energy healing (which they are doing as we speak) it will be a lot more validated. Truth is true energy healing requires no meds or supplements or cost to effect change, but I’ll be happy to split it down the middle at least…. mainstream energy work will likely never get rid of migraines and fix guts with the complete holistic healing I’ve learned through bioenergetics…. but this book is a huge start to understanding a larger framework to the human condition.

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    Breck Stewart

    I read Dr. Gerber’s book in the late 1980’s when the first edition was published. It was recommended to me by Jeff Levin, a world renowned healer and teacher, and my naturopath at that time.What stuck with me was the concept of man’s multi-dimensional nature. The book talks about man’s perfect spiritual body. This body-template is projected or spatialized as a stepped down, modified, 3 dimensional holographic reproduction and (as a result of centuries of false education), wrongly conceptualized as a ‘material’ object. Much like a virus infecting computer software, false or malicious programs of disease are ignorantly, aggressively or deceptively introduced into consciousness and appear to obtain in this `bodification’. They can be removed, through detection, reformatting and routine cleansing, and Vibrational Medicine offers a selection of techniques for accomplishing this.The book was a major waypoint for me in my search for healing and answers. It provided me with a comprehensive introduction to alternative methods of healing. It identified their scientific and philosophical foundation. It enhanced my treatments by providing me with the information I needed to fully cooperate with my practitioner.

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    G Whiteman

    Fantastic work . Tieing many different scientific discoveries together by connecting the dots . Its a deeply thought out work and requires concentration to read . Thought the author doesn’t digress into the nitty gritty of the scientific’s , he does analyize the philosophical scientific connections to the phenomina at work . Because science hasn’t created apparatus (that I know of ) to fully illucidate Suble energy Fields , the author and other scientists are only nibbling in a scientifically provable manner these fields effects . Well scientific instrumentation has moved a lot since this work was written , still this is root knowledge with giants can stand on !!

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    Kenneth J. Dillon

    Dr. Gerber comes across as an enthusiastic, articulate, knowledgeable, perceptive, open-minded, and well-intentioned guide to a host of subtle-energy therapies ranging from flower essences to radionics. This reviewer found of special value his discussions of Electroacupuncture According to Voll, experiments with healing hands and magnets, and the neurophysiology of kundalini. His characterization of homeopathy as an energy therapy certainly seems on target. He also sprinkles intriguing insights into the psychology of healing throughout his general exposition of the commonly argued theoretical framework of energy medicine.So this book offers very readable, rich fare to scientists, medical practitioners, and ordinary people who want to learn about the entire field of energy medicine, including the underlying scientific and psychological theory and the interconnections among the various modalities.However, four deviations from perfection must be noted. First, this is a monoglot and provincial book. Even though the author refers to healing practices around the world, he exhibits a strong tendency to favor the North American versions. The narrative shortchanges the major contributions of the Russians, although ironically Kirlian is termed a Russian instead of an Armenian.Second, the science of biophotonics (chemiluminescence) and the well-documented practice of Biophotonic Therapy (Photoluminescence), the treatment of the blood by light, are central to an understanding of energy medicine. Yet the book simply doesn’t discuss the findings in the extensive biophotonics and BT literatures.Third, aside from an inadequate concluding chapter, the book is rather dated. Most of the references are to the literature of the 1970s and early 1980s, but plenty of interesting research has been done since then.Fourth, the reader will want to take with an appropriately sized grain of salt Dr. Gerber’s assertions regarding the proclivities of the healer caste of Atlantis, the validity of “channeled information” from psychics (a key source), reincarnation as a source of physical ailments, and the reality of various astral and higher spiritual life forms. Nonetheless, he deserves great credit for the effort and intelligence with which he has assembled and explained the therapies and theories of this fascinating and vitally important field.

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    This book is a must have for anyone wanting to know about the future of medicine, healing, prevention and maintenance of health.The author introduces us slowly and steadily into a world of energy and vibration supported by science and slowly gaining more momentum.

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    Mitchell R. Mosher, DPM, LMBT

    My background is in mainstream, Western Medicine. I began learning subtle bodywork techniques in 1995. The instructors in most of the workshops were not able to explain the mechanism of action of these therapies, even though the techniques were very effective in eliminating chronic signs, symptoms, and disabilities that my patients suffered. In my search for information of which I could translate to my patients so they could understand what I was doing for them, I read the 2nd edition of VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE. Recently, I purchased the 3rd edition for further updated information. These books have been extremely enlightening in my understanding of the attainment of optimal health, and also some other non-convential factors which may contribute to the causes of deformities and disease. The information also helps one to understand why conventional medicine is occasionally ineffective in the treatment of many chronic health issues.

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    I am pretty sure this was translated to kindle via speech or text or through a computer program. There are typos of all kinds on nearly every page. It makes reading through the content difficult. If this is something that would bother you, I suggest you buy a physical version.

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    informational. Although now I learned more about my faith in Yeshua. This book contains some information not yet proven. Such as atlantis. Which is supported and propagated by thoth a demon recognized by the satanic bible as the keeper of the records of hell. And also his civilizations that he “helped” (or at least claimed to) the Mayan and Ancient Egypt practiced human sacrifice. Point is I don’t think we’re smarter than him. So the whole thing could and so far is most likely going to be proven a lie. Just one opinion though…For more information for all those Jesus/ Yeshua believers out there:[…]It is a biased site but the provided information is solid.

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