UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad,660nm Photon Light,Amethyst,Tourmaline and Natural Jade,Negative Ions Infrared Pad,Adjustable Timer




Material Leather
Brand UTK
Color Yellow
Item Dimensions LxWxH 59 x 23 x 2 inches
Model Name Bio-Photon Gemstones Infrared Heatin Pad Plus

  • 🌟Achieve Deep Heat Penetration🌟 UTK heating pads built-in carbon fiber heating wire emits far infrared rays that penetrate 4-6 inches deep to help your sore muscles deeply and effectively.
  • 🌟Enhance Your Metabolism🌟 The 660nm photon lamp works with far-infrared heat to promote better results and boost your metabolism. All benefits in one cost-effective infrared heating pad.
  • 🌟Experience Gemstone Healing🌟 Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Jade stones in the jade heating pad promote physical and mental relaxation, improve sleep quality, and provide a unique gemstone healing experience.
  • 🌟Safe & Easy to Use🌟 Measuring 59” x 23”, this large heating pad is designed to provide full-body coverage for effective pain relief. 4 hours auto-off, 103??F-159??F, customizable settings.
  • 🌟Worry-Free Purchase🌟 We offer a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty for UTK infrared heating pad and excellent customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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10 reviews for UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad,660nm Photon Light,Amethyst,Tourmaline and Natural Jade,Negative Ions Infrared Pad,Adjustable Timer

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    M A

    I am absolutely thrilled with the UTK Large Infrared Heating Pad! This product has become an essential part of my daily routine. Not only does it provide soothing and penetrating heat, but it also offers incredible relief for my sore muscles and joints.The pad’s large size is perfect for taking care of your entire body, and the infrared technology ensures deep, long-lasting warmth. It’s incredibly easy to use, with a user-friendly control panel and adjustable temperature settings to suit my preferences.What truly sets this product apart, however, is the outstanding customer service I received. The UTK team went above and beyond to answer my queries promptly and ensure my satisfaction. Their dedication to ensuring a positive experience has truly impressed me. They are very accessible and responsive to customer inquiries.I cannot recommend the UTK Large Infrared Heating Pad enough. It’s a game-changer for anyone seeking reliable and effective pain relief. With its outstanding performance, quality of materials and workmanship, and exceptional customer service, this heating pad is a winner in every aspect. Don’t hesitate to invest in this incredible product, you will be very happy, especially if you suffer from back pain.I have several hearing mats from this company, and that have all been great. I find that quality and the price of UTK products superior to similar mats.

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     Just do it. These FIR pads are incredible and when you have pain/spasm/stiffness/suffer from cold, cannot be beat. I have owned and gifted several of the smaller ones and I can promise that you will gleefully throw out your regular heating pads once you try this magical goodness. And forget paying three times the price for the popular MLM ones–I have found this manufacturer to be equal in quality and performance.If you have bad back problems know that this large one is quite heavy, so you might want a dedicated place for it to live at the ready so you don’t have to lift it.If you have chemical sensitivities, this was fine for me out of the box. We’re all different that way, but this was surprisingly without obvious outgas issues.The quality of warmth and healing that comes from Far Infrared, especially combined with the stones, is a whole other level of soothing. I recommend it wholeheartedly–I have lived on my smaller one year-round for many years. Everyone I’ve gifted them to raves as well. This is an investment worth making, in my experience. I’m thrilled to have the full-body one now.The only minor issue is that the controllers do eventually go bad. If it’s within the warranty period the company quickly ships a new one. Past the warranty they are for sale at a reasonable price. But you can expect to get years of healing, soothing goodness from these marvels if you take care of them. Make yourself or loved one happier and healthier with this incredible gift.

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    This is hands down by far my favorite and most used Amazon purchase, and I purchase a lot. I put this on my couch with a blanket over to hide it. Whenever I’m feeling irritable, or don’t feel like starting my next chore, I lay down on this mat for a little while and instantly go into a deep, meditative state that is so relaxing. I always feel better after laying on it. The difference between these crystal mats compared with normal heating pads is that the heat can penetrate several inches into your skin for much more therapeutic relief and healing.

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    Title says it all. Really well made and packaged item that heats up tremendously and wonderfully well. I really like the width of this mat compared to other mats on this price range, however the therapeutic area is much smaller than the width. I also found that i was looking for a more full body experience so this didn’t work out for me. If budget is something holding you back, this will give you bang for your buck though!

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    Jasmine Ogletree

    I love this mat and so does my kids! We find instant relief. It’s hard not to fall asleep while healing on this mat. Temperature control is very nice, but I find 117 degrees to be very comfortable.

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    It a full-body heating pad. However, only the middle section of my mat has been heating at all. Also, while the temp is set to max 159 even the middle is not heating to the temp.

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    Tonya V.

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     This is my third UTK product that we purchased. Love this mat, very effective for pain relief! Whole family takes turns to use the mat. Husband uses after working physical labor job for sore muscles, I used it for back pain and the kids use this in the winter when cold or feeling like starting to get sick. Mat has layers of amethyst, jade and tourmaline gems with healing properties. EMF therapy and photon therapy option. High quality item with one year warranty. Very relaxing. Folds into an easy carry bag.

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    I have been plagued with hip and lower back pain for months. The specialist said I could choose pills or injections. I liked neither alternative so opted to try the far infrared mat. I am not completely pain free but since I have only been using the mat for about 2 weeks it has worked amazing. It is so easy to use and has reduced my pain significantly.I have even been able to go back to my pilates exercises. I also feel generally more relaxed. I use it twice a day lying on my bed. It is quite heavy and it would probably be easier to leave it on a bed in a spare room if you have one. I highly recommend the mat to anyone with a “tight” back.

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     I love this UTK infrared and photon light mat. UTK products are by far the best in this market. They provide top notch heating pads using cutting edge technology. I own a couple of their mats in various sizes. I was excited to try this one because of the photon light feature. It really impressed me! I slept so well after using it. It also had immediate effects in easing my respiratory issues from a chemical sensitivity. I live with alot of chronic health issues and my UTK mats help me significantly. I highly recommend!

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     This is an amazing product. My circulation has never been better. The tension and stress just melt away after using this pad. After a long day at the office or any physical activity, just a little bit of time on this pad works wonders. I love that I can adjust the temperature and time to my liking. The healing power of all the stones are wonderful. I highly recommend it.

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