TriField EMF Meter Detects Radio, Magnetic & Electric Fields – For 5G, Cell Towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, Smart Meters




Brand TriField
Power Source Battery Powered
Color Black, Grey
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.5 x 2.75 x 5.25 inches
Measurement Type Electromagnetic and RF Fields

  • Detects all three types of EMF pollution: Magnetic, Electric, and Radio/Microwave Fields
  • Displays field signal level, peak level, and a fast indicator bar in the upper left (for RF pulse monitoring)
  • Measures 4G and 5G cell phones, cell towers, WiFi routers, Bluetooth, AC Powerlines, and Smart Meters
  • Dual Mode: Standard or Weighted Frequency Responses (Weighted emphasizes the effects on the body)
  • Manufactured in USA by AlphaLab,Inc; 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Product Description

NEW! From AlphaLab, Inc. makers of the original TriField Meter Model 100XE.

The TriField EMF Meter Model TF2 is an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter, and radio power density meter in a single unit, that combines all the features needed for fast, accurate measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF). In addition to standard AC measurement modes, a special frequency weighted mode will properly scale the magnetic and electric measurements to indicate the full magnitude of currents produced by each type of field inside the human body. (If only powerline frequency is present, Standard and Weighted will read the same. If higher frequencies are present, Weighted reads higher). Made in USA by AlphaLab, Inc.

Magnetic (“MAG”) Fields: Turn the knob to Standard MAG or Weighted MAG. Read the large numerals in the center. In a typical home or office with low EMF, living areas will read 3.0 milligauss or less on Standard MAG and 5.0 milligauss or less on weighted. In a car (gas or electric), the reading may be higher. “Weighted” emphasizes the frequencies that are higher than powerline frequencies, while “Standard” measures all frequencies equally. Some home locations, such as near the breaker box, will have a higher magnetic field. If you rarely or never visit these high-field areas, the high reading is not important. The fields are only important in locations where you spend time.

The magnetic readings show the field at the location where the meter is held, and is independent of how you orient the meter. It is also independent of whether your hand is blocking the meter. However, the electric (“ELEC”) and RF detectors are different. These sensors read the field correctly when the top of the meter is pointed toward the source, but your hand CAN block these fields, so hold the meter by its lower half when measuring electric or RF.

Electric (“ELEC”) fields: In an electromagnetically quiet home or office, both Standard and Weighted will read less than 50 V/m, but the reading may be higher when the meter is pointed toward fluorescent lights, a wall outlet or switch plate, or an improperly-grounded appliance.

Radio/Microwave (“RF”) Fields: This meter reads RF and microwaves in the frequency range 20 MHz to 6 GHz. This includes most new 5G installations, but not experimental millimeter wave 5G. Only the total power level from all sources is displayed. No information regarding specific frequencies is displayed.

Digital RF signals are pulsing. This means that the peak power density (see PEAK on the upper left of the screen) is higher than the average power density (main number in center) and you will see the bars pulse up and down if digital RF signals are present. THE MAIN (AVERAGE) NUMBER MAY BE FLUCTUATING. THIS IS A PROPERTY OF DIGITAL SIGNALS; IN THIS CASE, THE PEAK NUMBER IS MORE CONSISTENT.

A “smart meter” from your electric power company only pulses about once a minute. To read this pulse strength, hold the TF2 near the “smart meter” and wait for the bars to jump. Then read the PEAK number, which will hold for several seconds. Smart Meters from the gas company pulse much less frequently (perhaps only once a day) so it is difficult to read RF from them, but they pulse so infrequently that it is probably irrelevant. Wi-Fi routers, that are broadcasting, pulse more than once a second. Computers (and other devices that are on line with a WiFi router) emit much less RF power than a router. Microwave ovens leak a significant amount of RF, but it is more continuous, not digital pulses.

A RF quiet area will typically have less than 1.000 milliwatts per square meter as a peak (highest PEAK reading after watching the meter for a minute), and 0.200 average (the large numerals). RF can be effectively shielded by placing any metal sheet (aluminum foil or aluminum siding) or metal mesh (aluminum screen door material) between you and the RF source, which is typically a cell tower. Metal sheet or mesh affects RF in the same way that a mirror reflects light. Note that both RF and electric field are affected by where you stand or position your hands relative to the meter. These fields are usually stronger near the surface of your body because you are electrically conductive. If you hold the meter, it will read the field correctly in the vicinity of your hand. If you set the meter down, the reading will often be lower because the field is lower away from your hand.

Inside an elevator, the RF and electric field are essentially zero. Unlike several other meters which have a false high reading in RF, the TF2 actually reads near zero in this environment. Near zero-field environment can also be achieved by wrapping the meter in aluminum foil (except for a small opening to see the display). This demonstrates how well foil will shield RF and electric field.

TriField Meter Model TF2 Front View CE FCC Certified

New Features and Improved Specifications

  • Easy to use: just turn the knob to the type of field to be measured
  • Detects all three types of EMF pollution: AC magnetic, AC electric, and RF/microwave
  • Large LCD for crystal clear, accurate readings with adjustable backlight
  • Peak Hold captures fast pulses, for measuring fast digital RF signals
  • Sensitive RF mode for measuring the signal from mobile phones and Wi-Fi EMF. Specific frequency information is NOT displayed.
  • AC magnetic measurements are 3-axis, allowing for quick readings, regardless of meter orientation
  • Unique feature– does both standard AC readings and weighted (emphasizes high frequencies)

TriField Meter Model TF2 Measuring Laptop EMF Lifestyle


AC Magnetic Field Illustration

AC Electric Field Illustration

Radio/Microwave Fields Illustration

AC Magnetic

Sensor Type

  • 3-axis, true magnitude

Frequency Range (NOT displayed)

  • 40 Hz – 100 kHz


  • ±4% @ 50/60 Hz

Maximum Range

  • 100.0 milligauss

Sensitivity (Resolution)

  • 0.1 milligauss

AC Electric

Sensor Type

  • 1-axis, true magnitude

Frequency Range (NOT displayed)

  • 40 Hz – 100 kHz


  • ±5% @ 50/60 Hz

Maximum Range

  • 1000 V/m

Sensitivity (Resolution)

  • 1 V/m


Sensor Type

  • 1-axis

Frequency Range (NOT displayed)

  • 20 MHz – 6 GHz


  • ±20% @ 1 GHz

Maximum Range

  • 19.999 mW/m^2

Sensitivity (Resolution)

  • 0.001 mW/m^2

Lightweight Handheld Weighs under 13 oz.
Battery (included) 9V alkaline battery with indicator
Battery Life Backlight Off > 20 hrs
Battery Life Backlight On > 12 hrs

Important information

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11 reviews for TriField EMF Meter Detects Radio, Magnetic & Electric Fields – For 5G, Cell Towers, WiFi, Bluetooth, Smart Meters

  1. Avatar

    Juliana Brews

    This was the 3rd meter I have brought. Easy to read, simple and easy to set up.all the other meters had warnings that were false. This also has RF readings! Don’t waste your time on any other meyer!

  2. Avatar

    Red Star

    I have lived a long time, and used to work in engineering and electronics when I was younger, before internet, and when personal computers were a rarity. Back then things were made pretty well. This meter feels like it was made back then, decades ago. The plastic case is substantial and does not bend with normal pressure (unlike things made across the Pacific) and has that old, solid feel of long ago. Yes the function is great, as the other reviews elaborate, but for me, I am impressed that somebody, somewhere, does not make something as cheaply as possible to save a few cents. Although the box it comes in is substantial and will suffice for protection for storage, I later purchased the case made specially for this meter, honestly, just because it is a rare pleasure to hold something of quality.

  3. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    I use it to see if my PEMF mat is working o.k.

  4. Avatar


    Although the TriField has 2 annoying design flaws (you can’t adjust the volume and the volume and adjustable light buttons are inside the battery compartment) it’s still a safe and excellent choice. It’s easy to operate, it measures 3 of the 4 most important frequencies (hard to find in one meter!), it’s light weight, comparatively small and it’s the most affordable one with these features.Im extremely sensitive to ElectroMagnetic Frequencies/Radiation so, having a meter is such an Important first step in feeling better AND being proactive with your health. I take it everywhere with me because EMR affects my sleep, mood, energy and health. There’s a sense of comfort having the meter in hand.Customer service 10 star ⭐️Customer SERVICE:10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I worked with Kristina at AlphaLab. and she was great. Foremost, she acknowledged a couple of design flaws with out getting defensive. She said AlphaLab is making note of customer feedback to make improvements for future models. This is professional and logical; why waste time defending things if everybody knows here’s a problem with them. In addition to being honest, they followed through on everything they said…and quickly. She stayed on top of things and was never out of touch more than 2 days. She took the initiative when it came to a technical issue and sent out a replacement meter before I asked. Then, even after the replacement worked perfectly, they still offered a full refund because the design inconveniences! That’s impressive and definitely uncommon. I think this shows integrity. The communication was easy and honest. Offering me the refund reassured me so much, it helped me decide I wanted to keep the meter . I wish more companies and service reps were like them….outstanding!

  5. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    The meter functions well and covers the artificial EMF spectrumfrom extremely low frequencies (50-60 Hz, found with power lines)up to higher frequencies found with cell phones and towers,wireless networks, etc.A meter such as this may be useful for you if you are experiencinghealth symptoms that you cannot explain. Sleep problems are acommon symptom reported by people who may be sensitive toelectromagnetic radiation. Other symptoms include headaches,fatigue, memory and concentration problems, and anxiety.Martin Pall, an advocate for EMF safety, published a review ofstudies in which he summarized common health symptomsassociated with EMF exposure from sources such as mobilephone base stations. It is entitled “Microwave frequencyelectromagnetic fields (EMFs) produce widespreadneuropsychiatric effects including depression”. It waspublished in the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy in 2016.Electromagnetic radiation is an international concern, and over 400PhDs and MDs have signed a petition against 5G rollout untilits health effects can be fully examined. There is also a petitionagainst space and earth 5G rollout available on the web that anyonecan sign. There you can find more information about potentiallydamaging effects of electromagnetic radiation.

  6. Avatar

    Cliente de Amazon

    Yo soy feliz
    Estoy muy contento con este producto, deberían poner en un youtube, un video explicado en español de como se usa, como se mide un router 5g, etc. Eso ahorraría tiempo de aprendizaje.

  7. Avatar

    Germaine De Peralta

    Great device – could save your life
    This device is excellent and very good for home use. Good quality. I found out that the more electrical wiring is in your room or office the more electromagnetic radiation there is. So I have unplugged most of my electronic equipment unless I am using it and just use regular lights. I also have an electical panel two meters from my desk which explains why I was getting dizzy – so lots of changes in my home office! Get it and it will put your mind to rest. It’s worth the money.

  8. Avatar

    C C

    Really interesting to have on hand!
    Given our dependency on technology (and because I’m a crunchy granola hippy), I thought it’d be interesting to see the EMF levels in our house and the surrounding neighbourhood to ensure we are not being zapped.Things to keep in mind: we live in India. Our house is a farm house in a semi-rural area, but is quickly urbanising. Our home is constructed of thick cement that honestly rivals a WWII bunker. It’s my understanding people should not be exposed to more than 60 V/m (the standard ELEC setting) and 1 mW/m squared (the RF setting).What we discovered is this (and what the pictures hopefully illustrate):–My cell phone, which is an Apple 8 and generally connects to either the WiFi or LTE when using cell service, had a very high reading on RF, and it would frequently max out the reader. Most of the time it got 6-11 and up to 20 mw/m when the call was connected, and 2-3 when not connected. It was at .2-something when in airplane mode. Best to keep calls to a minimum, hold the phone away when connecting, either keep the call short or hold it on speaker phone when talking, and then put it in another room when done. RF is negligible when the phone is far away, so that’s good.–Electrical outlets are really high at 400 V/m when switched on, to the point that it’s advisable to switch off all outlets when not in use or when not needed. This is especially true if you sleep next to power outlets due to the positioning of the bed.–Though this is the case, the V/m drops considerably when one backs up even just a few feet. So, even just moving furniture a few feet away from outlets can help significantly.–Laptops should never be used when plugged in, because the EMFs were off the charts–it often topped out the reader went to insane levels of 900-1,000! I had no idea how dangerously high my computer got when connected to a power source, and now I will absolutely not use my computer on anything other than battery. In fact, I will be willing to replace the battery in my machine when it gets depleted, rather than use it plugged in. I wish I knew this earlier, as my previous laptop HAD to run from a power source on account of the battery being exhausted. I had used it this way for years, yikes! When on battery, no EMF levels were detected.–Our router showed 262 V/m. It too dropped when one moved away, to the point that where I sit the next room over, I have a reading of 0 V/m.–My husband’s work station has a number of computer screens, a wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, tons of wires, and he loves his gadgets. He sits next to the router. With all these things, his station is 260 V/m at chair level, worse when he moves closer to the offenders. I’m trying to convince him to rejig his office.–The large yard enclosing our house (and most houses, I imagine) reads 0 V/m.–When leaving our house to walk along the road strung with electrical poles (as we do in the evenings), the reading is 60 at my head height and 70 at my husband’s. When I hold the reader as high as it can go, the reading as 120+ V/m. The reading is 120+ at head height when walking past the transformers and junction boxes. I’ll be rethinking the walks up and down the road, for sure.–On the second floor, the reading is 0: this is good, considering that the poles get more intense with height. Thankfully the house seems far enough away to put the influence of these poles to null.I can edit this review and include more info when we visit our flat in the heart of the city, to see if that makes a difference. Hopefully this helps either persuade someone to buy the product or be mindful of the things I learned. So yeah, great product, definitely worth the spend for the information it provided. Very easy to use.

  9. Avatar


    Fácil para usar
    Producto de gran calidad y funciona perfectamente. Diferentes opciones de medir eléctrico, magnético y radio frecuencias.

  10. Avatar


    Good product, works well
    As it’s top of the range you’d expect it would. Pretty essential tool for world of 5G.

  11. Catherine Chipman

    Catherine Chipman

    great product!

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