Tibetan Singing Bowl set From 7 Planets, Hand Hammered Design | Meditation Sound Bowl, 7 Chakra bowl, Mallet & Cushion set for




Color 5 Chakra Set
Material Brass
Model Name 7 Chakra Set
Item Dimensions LxWxH 8 x 6 x 6 inches

  • HAND-MADE WITH LOVE: Hand hammered old antique design remanufactured in the modern need. This singing bowl is made out of seven metal from HIMALAYAS by Nepalese artisans .Hand-sewn silk cushion and wooden leather mallet are specially designed with love and care.
  • 🎄Full music Package – Classic Hand Hammered (Singing Bowl x 7), Hand-sewn Silk (Cushion x 7), Mallet Covered With (Black Leather x 1). This Song bowl makes a perfect environment for deep meditation, healing and creative thinking. It also make ideal for gifts
  • 🤲CRAFTSMANSHIP – Hand hammered by authentic craftsmen in Nepal specializing in Meditation Yoga Singing Bowls. Well-carved symbols and vivid patterns nepali the wholehearted process. Specially hand-sewn silk cushion highlighted the quality of the singing bowl set.
  • EASY TO STORE & CARRY: This 3.2 – 6.5 inch diameter fit your palm perfectly and provide calming and relaxation. simply use the wood stick gently knocking the singing bowl to make this special soothing sound wave,to bring balance and calm to your day to day life. This percussion instrument is simple,effective and enjoyable in every way to improve yoga mediation and heart chakra clearning.
  • 🙏🏻 GUARANTEED- Our fair traded Singing Bowls are backed by us with the 30-day full refund and 1-year replacement policy.

Product Description

Karma Crafter singing bowls

Experience The Perfect Harmony of your Mind, Body, and Soul.

5 chakra set singing bowl

Feel the Vibrations within your Body

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Immerse yourself in the soothing vibrations of our singing bowls and feel the sound waves travel through your body, relieving stress and promoting deep relaxation. Discover the power of sound healing for your well-being today.

The Origin of Singing Bowl

Singing bowls are believed to have originated in the Himalayan region centuries ago. Their precise origin is still debated, but these bowls have deep historical roots in Asian spiritual practices. They have been used in Tibetan Buddhism and other spiritual traditions for meditation, healing, and sound therapy. Some theories suggest Chinese influence and connections to ancient metalworking traditions, but concrete historical evidence is limited.

Singing Bowl with Buddha

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Tibetan Singing Bowl set From 7 Planets, Hand Hammered Design | Meditation Sound Bowl, 7 Chakra bowl, Mallet & Cushion set for

  1. Avatar

    Brenda Nevarez

     I’m a beginner in this kind of music 🎶 therapy. The sounds it’s great! Thank you!

  2. Avatar

    Blake Salzler

     High quality, great sound quality

  3. Avatar

    Deserai Hart

    Absolutely love this set of singing bowls. It comes with 3 different sizes of bowls, bowl cushions, and well as 3 mallets. The sound that comes from these bowls are amazing, the vibrations are soul soothing and I absolutely can not get enough of them. For what ever reason I was under the impression that this set was of the larger bowls, as it actually includes 2 average size bowls and one small bowl. The material is very study and the made heavy, comparable to some bowls that made of thinner and lighter material. The only thing preventing me from giving this a complete 5 stars is because the mallet do not have felt on them.

  4. Avatar

    Melissa Snoots

    Little disappointed in how long the sound lasted and a couple of the bowls, when I tuned them, were the same note but otherwise I am enjoying them and they’re great for what I intended to use them for, my Reiki practice

  5. Avatar


    You get what you pay for, high quality singing bowls of any material cost a pretty penny. These don’t make as much sound as my other singing bowls, and two out of three of them came with the same tone, despite the difference in size. I like them, but I don’t love them. Would definitely recommend going for something higher quality if you want really good sound.

  6. Avatar

    Chrissy Gray

    The sound is wonderful!

  7. Avatar


    These bowls are not tuned at all. They are pretty but not all bowls played. My 1st set of bowls had 1 bowl that wouldn’t sing at all. After receiving a second set, they weren’t tuned either and again one of the bowls didn’t sing. There are several apps that can be used to check the tuning of your bowls. These did not have A-G notes or frequencies to align each chakra. Don’t waste your time unless you’re using them for decoration.

  8. Avatar

    Ella Belle

    I received the Tibetan Singing Bowl set From 7 Planets, Hand Hammered Design | Meditation Sound Bowl, Chakra bowl, Mallet & Cushion set for Yoga, Deep Relaxation & Supporting Healing (1 Chakra Set).This is a smaller sized bowl with such a beautiful sound.Mine is about 3 and 3/16th inches in diameter at the opening of the bowl, and it is about 2 inches high when it is not sitting on it’s cushion.The quality of the metal is nice and it has the traditional hammered texture on the outside of the bowl and on the inside too.The one I received is extremely easy to get to sing, especially after I switched to a different mallet! It’s haunting sound is strong and lovely.I enjoy holding this little singing bowl balanced in my hand, on my fingers, and playing it that way.But it also sings nicely while it rests on it’s Rainbow colored woven donut cushion too.Please Note: I have several different sized wooden mallets that I use for all of my singing bowls. I have found that the darker, smoother wooden mallets, like the one that comes with this bowl, are oiled or lacquered and do not sound as well. They always seem to be much harder for beginners to get their bowl to sing at 1st too!I also do not like the mallets that have the imitation suede around their tip for use with the metal singing bowls. That type of mallet does work best for the crystal/glass bowls.I would suggest to use a natural, AND unfinished wooden mallet, which is what I prefer to use.I even made a few of my own out of sanded down dried tree branches that I’ve whittled into my preferred shapes.Anyway, I am super happy with this lovely little bowl and I always keep it setting on my home office desk for me to to play during my stress reduction breaks.

  9. Avatar


    taças de qualidade
    As taças são de boa qualidade.Vinham com todos os acessórios.A entrega foi muito rápida.

  10. Avatar


    Not hand made, not tuned, not happy
     The bowls look lovely, but they are not hand made…maybe hand finished inside, but definitely machined.The bowls are not tuned, 2 of my bowls have almost the exact same tone, 2 sizes apart, and one of the larger bowls has a higher tone than the smaller one.Still waiting for response from seller. Very disappointed.

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