The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health 5th Edition




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10 reviews for The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health 5th Edition

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    This our go to book for everything related to health issues and questions, it is full of great information. If you believe in holistic medicine, this is the book, cover everything from home remedies to RIFE frequencies, very complete.. Every home should have one.

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    Robert B.

    Like all of Nenah Silver’s work .

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    Michael Suzadail

    Current on all the new technology as well as the historic. Finally a book that connects all the dots to a healthy lifestyle.

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    Practical and easy to read.

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    Ken Apperson

    Like. Using the frequencies to help people heal them selves.

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    Kenneth J. Simons

    Excellent coverage of alternate solutions to cancer and other diseases.

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    Ann Oberg

    It is a very good ensyclopedia for wich frequens to us👍

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    Helena Loges

    My husband and I purchased this book as a Christmas gift to one another, and I must tell you that it is truly the best gift I have ever received. Every morning I look forward to picking it up to read it with my morning tea, as it is just chock full of incredible information. Even my 14 y/o, who refers to herself as “crunchy”, is enjoying it and has gotten us to stop using fabric softener. While this book is full of amazing Rife research, it is so much more than that. While the cost of the book may feel steep for some people, it is generally the same cost as one allopathic doctor visit that lasts 10-minutes, and usually amounts to nothing more than a prescription for “symptoms”, never getting to the root of the problem. I can honestly not recommend this book more for anyone interested in taking control of their health.

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    sauna & Rife machine convert

    Ten years ago I gave a glowing review of a previous edition of this book. It is worth looking up those many earlier rave reviews on Amazon, because they all apply to this edition. This version is much more, of course, beginning with an additional 350 pages of new and updated information. I just reread those old reviews on Amazon and noticed another advantage to this edition: Used copies of the old edition are at least one hundred dollars more than the new one. I guess the high price is partly due to collectors of out of print books, and people highly value this remarkable book whatever the edition. But it’s unnecessary to spend so much money on older out of print editions when this new edition is even better. This book is a rare resource, equally accessible to the general public, educators, health professionals, researchers, and healers.It is hard to classify this book, because it covers so much. The few complaints I have seen about this book is that it is too comprehensive. I think that one reason Nenah Sylver wrote such a vast book is that holistic health is so multidimensional. There are bits and pieces of information about holistic health all over the internet. But, Nenah Sylver brings it all together with her own focus and perspective. I enjoy a book of such breadth being written all in one voice. I trust her analysis because all of her published works are consistently well documented and carefully explained. She backs up her conclusions with reams of footnotes and references.When it comes to the volume of data in this book, one of the great features of The Handbook of Rife Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health is how well it is organized. There are indexes, chapter overviews, appendices, cross references and footnotes galore–so it is easy to find what you need. Most of the text is in a two column format, making it easy on the eyes. Also, it is worth going to her website (her name dot com) to read chapter samples and overviews. There you can see her clear style of writing and close attention to detail. The layout and overall formatting of the book is impressive, as well.I haven’t written much about the content of The Rife Handbook, as many other reviewers have already done that. I wanted to address my impressions about how this book has grown and how much it means to those who use it. I hope you consider adding this resource to your own library and healing journey.

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    James Dutcher

    I bought an older copy of the Rife Handbook a few years ago and I couldn’t believe the scope of great information contained inside. When I first saw that there was a new edition for more money, I thought what the heck, there was no way you could have improved on an already great book?But a friend of mine bought a copy and once he showed it to me I was hooked. This new book is FANTASTIC. There’s the original material on Rife and his machines, with a few more interesting facts. But there’s also TONS of more stuff in Chapter 1, including several pages on the dangers of EMF’s (electromagnetic pollution) and what to do about them. I especially like the improved sections on vaccines and mind altering drugs. There are even suggestions on what to do about detoxifying from vaccines once you’ve got them in your system. As a retired veteran I had to receive yearly vaccines, so this information was really useful and I believe will help improve my health. I have a friend who’s on SSRI’s and I’m planning to show her how they can mess you up and what the alternatives are.What really impressed me was all the complementary therapies in Chapter 3. The section on homeopathic remedies included a concise page on how to make your own. I xeroxed this page from the book and it’s hanging on my refrigerator. You never know when you’ll need it.The chapter on rife machines is much better than the one in the old book. The author really did her research and it looks like I’ll finally be able to make a decision about what machine to buy. Then there are all the appendixes, which I haven’t had a chance to go through yet. But the one about building your own foot bath for under ten bucks looks real interesting, I may just add that to my detox plan. With so much more material than the first one, this book is worth the price. In fact I can’t understand how the price can be as low as it is, I would have gladly paid more just to have all this information in one book.

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