The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls (Existence – Consciousness –




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Editorial Reviews


“This book contains so much knowledge, wisdom and great insights that it is worth tons of books on spirituality. The author is very precise in his expression of the complex and difficult concepts and it makes the reading enjoyable… Only an enlightened person can write a book like that…” – Amy, a reviewer from the site

“The content of The Physics of Consciousness is of such a caliber that it seems like Ivan Antic was born to write it. It significantly helped my understanding of the nature consciousness” – Kate B., a reviewer from the site

“This book has confirmed my search for meaning in this insane world. I can only say that my mind has been into the pits of despair, and now I can again begin to function and be productive to assist my fellow human beings.” – Michael C. Fortin, a reviewer from the site

“Unique, universal, aligned with no particular religion, profound, uplifting. Ivan Antic is a gift to humanity.” – Valerie Deva, a reviewer from the site

“This book is a discovery of quantum physics that explains what the great masters have tried to explain for thousands of years…” – NB, a reviewer from the site

From the Author

Explanations are given in the following chapters:

Part I: Consciousness in the Non-Organic World
Chapter 1 – The Quantum Field
Chapter 2 – The Quantum Field is Space Containing Only One Particle – There is No Multitude
Chapter 3 – Momentariness Enables the Overall Motion
Chapter 4 – The Overall Motion Generates Energy
Chapter 5 – Consciousness in the Human Body
Chapter 6 – Consciousness Outside the Body and the Role of the Brain
Chapter 7 – Consciousness and Time Through the Dimensions of Nature
Chapter 8 – The Principle of Circling of Consciousness From the Divine to Human and Back
Chapter 9 – Inner Senses and Extrasensory Perception
Chapter 10 – Consciousness and Physics of Quantum Field – Aether
Chapter 11 – Parallel Realities and the Dimensions of Nature
Chapter 12 – The Only Possible Movement is Across the Parallel Realities
Chapter 13 – A Few Examples of the Superiority of Consciousness Over Physical Reality
Chapter 14 – Consciousness Chooses Reality
Chapter 15 – Momentariness and All Parallel Realities Are the Same Reality
Chapter 16 – Matter Exists Because It is Infinitely Faster than Light
Chapter 17 – Conclusions of the First Part

Part II: Consciousness In the Organic World
Chapter 18 – Manifestation of the Divine Consciousness of Itself Through the Cosmos, Life, and Phenomena
Chapter 19 – Consciousness as Elements and Minerals
Chapter 20 – Consciousness Perfects Perception Through Plant Life
Chapter 21 – Animals Perfect Perception Through Movement and Simpler Actions
Chapter 22 – Humans Perfect Perception Through the Drama of Their Lifes
Chapter 23 – The Drama of Human Lives Contracts Information on Existence Into the Meaning of Existence
Chapter 24 – The Principle of Coercion on Consciousness During the Incarnation Process
Chapter 25 – The Opposition Between Coercion and the Purpose of Life Creates All Civilization and Culture
Chapter 26 – There is no Consciousness Without Goodness and Correctness
Chapter 27 – Consciousness and Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 28 – Conclusions of the Second Part

Part III: Humans are Conscious Subjects of Both the Organic and the Non-Organic Worlds
Chapter 29 – The Incarnation of the Soul Through a Higher and Lower Consciousness of the Human Mind
Chapter 30 – The Cessation of Incarnation and the ‘Return’ of Consciousness of the Soul To Itself
Chapter 31 – Synchronicity Is Merging of the Parallel Realities Consciously
Chapter 32 – The Physics of Self-Knowledge
Chapter 33 – We Go Back to the Divine by Retracing the Same Steps that Took Us Away From It
Chapter 34 – The Ethics of Self-Knowledge
Chapter 35 – The Physiology of Self-Knowledge
Chapter 36 – Conclusions of the Third Part

From the Publisher

Physics of Consciousness

A Fresh Approach to Understanding the True Nature of the World

Understanding consciousness and the true nature of the world can be achieved only by understanding the fundamental unity that exists in all physical laws and all life forms – from minerals to plants, to animals, and ultimately to humans. That is, by understanding the physics of consciousness.

Physics of Consciousness Cover

The Connection of Our Consciousness with the Quantum Field and all Natural Forms

Scientific experiments confirm the connection between our consciousness and the action of the quantum field. Many have incorrectly thought this quantum field to be ultra-small, and that such a space can only be inferred on the basis of subatomic particles interacting in massive particle accelerators.

Wisdom traditions, however, have long described the quantum field as what they call akasha or ether. That is, the quantum field as space itself – the field in which everything exists, including all of nature. But they also hold it to be our consciousness as well – our Self. Thus, this space that holds our very soul constantly manifests itself as everything that exists.

Therefore, we are in everything, and everything is in us. There are no divisions. Only unity.

This is the fundamental truth supporting the physics of consciousness.

Physics of Consciousness - image 2

Discovering Soul Consciousness Through the Description of Nature

Soul consciousness contains all the dimensions of nature and existence – all phenomena and life. Our Soul is the very space in which all of nature and existence reside as one. Such is the fundamental truth supporting the physics of consciousness.

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10 reviews for The Physics of Consciousness: In the Quantum Field, Minerals, Plants, Animals and Human Souls (Existence – Consciousness –

  1. Avatar

    Rachael V

    I started reading this out of pure curiosity. I’m not religious at all but Buddhism has always been something I’ve found interesting. I don’t know if I believe what was all said in this book but it definitely made me more curious about the topics discussed. I would recommend reading it, if only for a new way of looking at life and the soul, whether you believe in these concepts or not. I would say the only complaint would be that it could sometimes be hard to follow for some, depending on reading ability.

  2. Avatar

    Denise Senecal


  3. Avatar

    Tina Justice

    Deep reading,not for those easily distracted,you have to stayed focused on it but it is very interesting

  4. Avatar


    The author is undoubtedly brilliant, and has done the world an inestimable service, in my view. Quantum physics was understood at the beginning of the last century, but the knowledge has been successfully hidden since then! This book successfully explains the “theory of everything;” an understanding of quantum reality is the underpinning to the understanding of everything!This book is not an easy read, since all language is limited, and the quantum field which it describes is infinite, so understanding is perhaps best approached in an experiential manner. By this I mean using the mind not as a computer, which is limited in its functions and the nature and extent of the programming, but as a receiver of information from higher sources which are part of the whole and not corruptible.One may be tempted to take the author’s word for what he seems to know well. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP, as this may cause more harm than good.I was delighted to discover these unknown concepts of the quantum field, but when I started to run up against certain of the author’s ideas–such as the idea that God (the absolute) created evil for our own good, that his religion is the only true one, etc., I put this book, and the other nine in the series (which tend to have the most flaws, according to me), on the shelf.The more powerful the tools we use, the more our consciousness/self-understanding determines if the outcome will support good, or evil…

  5. Avatar

    Cassie Eckert

    I found this book extremely enjoyable, and a worth while read. It makes Quantum Physics, and Consciousness understandable, and relatable.

  6. Avatar


    I like the way the book is structured and the subject matter

  7. Avatar

    Mitchell Glatstein

    mnd expanding

  8. Avatar

    Patty G.C.

    Fascinating information

  9. Avatar


    Good read.

  10. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Very good information and explanation how consciousness works. I’m halfway and I’m loving it

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