The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing: Holistic Technology for Cancer and Other Diseases by Nina Silver (2001-08-02)




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10 reviews for The Handbook of Rife Frequency Healing: Holistic Technology for Cancer and Other Diseases by Nina Silver (2001-08-02)

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    I just lost my beautiful 25 year old son to cancer. I trusted the doctors, the experts in the field. Their “treatments” are medieval at best. The chemotharapy and radiation killed him. I wish I had had the information in this book before it was too late. Maybe it would not have worked. One thing is for sure. The RF treatments would not have hurt him and the end result could not have been any worse than what happened. I believe Royal Raymond Rife was a genius. His ideas should be known by all. If you or yours are sick, read everything before you decide what to do.

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    L. Newman

    I appreciate and applaud the author, Nenah Sylver, for her courage and stamina in completing such a comprehensive work, covering not only the Rife machines and the appropriate frequencies for healing but so many other topics related to natural healing. This is a volume I will refer to again and again.Leslie Newman

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    interesting but hard to understand. I have a rife machine but couldn’t understand the formulas.

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    Best book I have ever purchased – hands down Increadable amount of information – I would recommend this book for everyone – even if you are not going to use Rife frequency machine.

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    claudia hapeman

    I wish I could afford to buy this book for every single person I know! This book is an excellent resource and a must have.

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    Meets expectations and was in great condition.

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    Lets think critically. Royal Rife’s disease theories are in the dustbin of history because they can’t be independently verified, except by salesmen after your wallet. There are a zillion ways to kill pathogens while they are sitting on a microscope slide… but does this mean they all work in a living body? For example, Lysol kills the HIV virus. No one argues with that. But could a person drink it in sufficient quantity to cure AIDS? You’d be poisoned. No doubt Rife killed viruses in a laboratory environment. But extrapolating those results into the body gets us back to the Lysol analogy – you’d fry yourself dead if you turned up the power high enough to “zap” parasites, buggies, etc. by any Hulda Clark or Royal Rife methodology. This is the fallacy of Radionics, a pseudoscience started in the early 20th century by Albert Abrams, who is currently burning in hell for fleecing thousands with bogus devices.And sadly there are still people today who find a profit in concocting schlock devices and selling them with science-y words like “frequencies” and “resonance”.I spent 8 years in higher education for science (organic chemistry) and actually walked out my Ph.D., bored and disillusioned. but NEVER did I find evidence of a mass conspiracy to hide results of valid experiments. Trust me – I’d be going after them instead, if I had witnessed such a thing!Anyhow, its your money. Have fun while it lasts.

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    Dr. T.

    Dr. Nenah, Sylver PhD really has done a very hard work gathering these informations. I learned (am still learning ) many new information from this book. For example Grayfiled optical site was awesome. I wonder why Ergonome microscope was not even discussed in medical school? I am so angry that all my education in under grad and med school, we were only given 1500 magnification microscopes or Electron microscope for dead specimens. Never anybody even mentioned Ergonome and seeing live microbes at least at 8000 times larger in natural environment.The tone of the book was a little too angry towards MD/ DO practicing physicians (Which they are also victims but daily are doing what they are allowed) and also on page 29 Tamiflu was mentioned as a “vaccine” under the politics of the flu section .Otherwise everything else was excellent and I feel it would take me a life time to gather this much information and I have to thank her for such a hard job.Dr T.

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    Warren L. PUlliam

    Delivered promptly and as advertised.

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    Teodoro Díaz

    Exelent book

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