The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing Revised Edition




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10 reviews for The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing Revised Edition

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    Ann Opinion

    I have such appreciation for this book. For me, it’s timing was absolutely perfect to meet my needs. The vowel sounds exercise led to an immediate deeper understanding of “an issue “ I couldn’t quite put my finger on until I did the exercise. I learned that for years I have been organically doing a technique called toning to heal burns and cuts whenever they occurred. I had no idea this was one of the oldest natural sound healing techniques. I very much appreciate that the author acknowledges each of our own unique vibrations and whenever he introduces a new topic or technique that he states that he’s seen both miraculous results and he’s also seen nothing happen. I can only recommend that if your feeling drawn to this book that you follow what is true for you.

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    Angela Benson

    Not really “secrets”, but more like the principles through which sound works, this little book has got it all—Information! Techniques! Exercises! And interesting stories and anecdotes that illustrate the different secrets of how sound can heal and transform. Goldman, a major pioneer in this field, begins by telling us that he used to be a “walking encyclopedia” on sound healing but through many years of experience came to realize that sound by itself was the greatest teacher. He has spent more than 30 years researching, teaching, writing about and creating sounds for healing. While he does present material that explains much of the hows and whys of sound healing, he also includes various exercises and practices that will help us all attune with our greatest level of resonance for “sound health”. There’s even a beautiful half hour long piece of music that can be downloaded for free when you get this book. Music that incorporates the principles of his “7 Secrets”! From his perspective, as well as though of many mystic masters and modern scientists, everything is sound. Therefore through understanding the “secrets” of sound, it is possible to use these principles to lead healthier, happier lives. I’ve learned so much and I’m so very grateful to Jonathan Goldman for writing this book. Our world is full of challenges and we need to learn how to use sound to be in alignment with all that is going on. I’ve read other books on sound, but this is by far the best—practical, easy to understand and fun to read. It is an extraordinary book for extraordinary times.

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    K Vogt Robie

    When you stop to think how atoms vibrate, this is a logical topic although some might think it strange. But check out current science-facts (we’ve learned lots over past 50+ years thanks to modern technologies). This is a well-written easy-to-read interesting approach to the subject.

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    GR Gordineer

    I love to read Jonathan Goldman. He writes clearly, easy to follow and understand. He gives “exercises” so you can feel the effects of what he is teaching. Simple and easy to get results. Plus you get a great music download.

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    Roger Reancont

    It is a book of easy and fast reading, the information is not excessive although Jonathan Goldman mentions that there is a lot of knowledge about the subject. With many years of experience in the topic, the author considers that the most significant thing is to experience the transformative potential of sound, and I agree, nothing can activate the knowledge in your being and make it your own as the direct contact with the transformative experience. It includes a unique audio download for the book, contains a detailed description, recommendations to obtain the best benefits, and promises us a synergistic effect for both healing and transformation.Chapters 5 and 7 are the most relevant from my perspective. In the first, if you follow the suggestion of empowering your voice, you will be connecting with a personal power of transformation and healing that does not depend on external means, it is a gift that you already own, and in my opinion comes from the unique connection of your transcendental self where You are the solution of your own challenges. And in chapter 7, healing expands towards transpersonal and holistic unity, it is a call to responsibility, to be proactive and to collaborate in the healing of the world, therefore, that we empower ourselves as the real and sustained solution, starting from right now. It also includes very useful information on the different sound therapies best known and practiced. And to satisfy and further complement my interest in this subject, I have been able to enjoy a lot on his interactive website, so I am only excited about the idea of attending one of his workshops.Allow me to share with you some very personal experiences, I have lived experiences where listening to live choral music, I have entered into very joyful altered states of consciousness and witnessed how the whole audience is bathed with harmonizing energy. There is no doubt that I love music especially the sacred and devotional, even I dream with music, and I like to visualize that the cosmos is created every moment from the sound of God in the most beautiful happy song celebrating existence!My gratitude to the Publisher and NetGalley for allowing me to review the book

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    I really enjoyed this book. This book is easy to read and to understand. I am currently teaching myself about sound healing. I use Tibetan Singing Bowls for this.

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    Miranda K

    As with all of Jonathan Goldman’ s books, just amazing. The collection of knowledge he has astounds me. Love it!

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    Amazing! I’ve been a musician my whole life, this book is lovely info for my Infinite Path of Self-Realization! !!

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    If this was an early draft, I could work with it. There are too many interesting points/claims that need elaboration, citations & support material, and far too much story telling, imho. If the realm of sound healing is to be advanced, the public needs data and discussion.

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    pia lebsund

    Information about sound healing.

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