Sanxir Anti-Radiation air Tube Headphones, EMF Protection Earphone, Anti-Slip Earbuds, Radiation Free Headset




Patented air tube technology and shielded wiring achieves 99.9 percent radiation reduction.
Sanxir’s Air Tubes protect you from cellphone radiation while still providing a satisfying audio experience.

We kindly encourage you to purchase suitable adapters at Apple store for the best user experience.(it should be noted that some cheaper adapters do not work for phone calls and could potentially cause damage to your headphones.)

These are extremely durable, high-quality materials from top to bottom.

Compatible with all 3.5 mm audio jack smartphones and devices, including the full range of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Samsung Galaxy, Android smartphones, MP3 and MP4 music players, laptops, tablets and more. (Please notice: the volume phone function only work for mobile phones)

Your new earbud set includes 3 sets of silicone tips and 3 set of winged ear tips to find the perfect, most comfortable fit for your ears. provide you comfortable long time wearing with no pain and no EMF radiation.

Regular silicone tips is suitable for listening at home, office. Winged ear tips is perfect for Walking, traveling or exercising. (Please notice: air tubes are not suitable for running, because you will hear rustling in air tubes when you are running)

A storage cases is included to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to store and travel with your headphones.

A matching shirt clip is easy to attach them on shirts, jackets and so on, can prevent your earphone from falling off and reduce the weight of earphone. (recommend: attach clip on clothes when you use air tube earphone)

A great choice as a gift for your friend, family or someone who needs protection from mobile radiation.

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10 reviews for Sanxir Anti-Radiation air Tube Headphones, EMF Protection Earphone, Anti-Slip Earbuds, Radiation Free Headset

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     I got these to use in the office for long-term use during meetings. Overall, this earphone is impressive in both sound quality and build quality. I am a heavy earbuds user because of daily office meetings along with personal music moments during this work-from-home situation.My 2 cents below:Pros:- Functional product with more than the needed volume capacity- EMF protection with air tube design is the key feature of these- Very comfortable to use for long-term use- Microphones work fine during calls- These are very light & almost feel weightless on the ear- Unisex and would suit both male and female- Very nice build quality & has a premium look- Comes in a nice box & hence giftable too. They bundle a cloth bag and a case tooCons:- These won’t sound as great as your ANC earphones but you should not really expect this from these. The same goes for the bass capability- No waterproof ratings for these headphonesNot the best-sounding earbuds but one extra star for the protection & convenience it offers for this price. I would recommend it to anyone with specific needs like mine.

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    c’est la vie🎉😘

    The Sanxir Anti-Radiation Air Tube Headphones are a unique audio accessory, these provide both audio quality and electromagnetic frequency (EMF) protection.These headphones come in a sleek black design and claim to offer radiation-free listening experience while ensuring clear sound and user convenience.The headphones are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them suitable for extended periods of use. The anti-slip earbuds are a nice addition, ensuring that the headphones stay securely in place even during workouts.The audio output is clear, and the volume adjustment feature allows users to find their preferred listening level. The built-in HD microphone is a convenient addition, ensuring that users can take calls without compromising on audio quality. Great item quality and value.

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    The sound coming through is very loud and clear, but the volume control and phone buttons do not work at all and that is suppose to be part of the ease of experience. I’m disappointed I didn’t have time to check them out before 30 day return as I’m busy single mother!

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    I had NO IDEA air tube headphones help protect the user from EMFs, so when I read that, I had to get some ear buds to try out.These are COMFY, the volume is EASY to adjust, & the CLARITY is VERY GOOD.They STAY PUT & do NOT fall out. They seem DURABLE & WELL made.LOVE the 3 pairs of silicone comfort covers.The CASE is a FABULOUS touch & makes it VERY EASY to bring the headphones to school, in the car, throw them in a backpack or purse, etc & keep them FULLY PROTECTED.My kids all want a pair now that they have seen mine. I am guessing I will be ordering more soon for birthdays, etc.I WOULD purchase these ear buds again.

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    Sunrise Circle

    I frequently need to listen to music in order to fall asleep, but don’t want radiation. These incredible ear buds sound great and fit comfortably. They’re surprisingly comfortable and I frequently find myself easily falling asleep while wearing them. They also stay in place! They’re sturdy enough to handle the weight of my head when I roll over onto them. And are holding up well to nearly daily use, doing heavy duty yard work and gardening outside. I love that the help minimize EMFs potentially healthier to use for long periods of time and I especially appreciate the price.Great features like built-in volume control and a high definition mic.Super convenient carrying pouch to keep them protected While not in use.Very pleased with this purchase

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    UPDATE: The company contacted me and made the situation right, great costumer service, I should have reached out to them to begin with. Thank you!I am sadly disappointed in these, they worked pretty good for about 6 weeks but now one side has no sound coming out. I can’t return or I would. For this amount of money I should have bought something else.

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    I’m amazed with the Anti-Radiation air Tube Headphones, I didn’t even know they existed, they work great while they are protecting me from radiation, and the sounds its beyond great, it’s clear and crisp and when I listen to music I can hear all the instruments pretty clear, also on voice calls I can hear the other person perfectly and this is awesome.They are comfortable they come with 3 different buds so you can choose which one feels more comfortable on your ear.They are very resistant the material on which they are made is strong and durable, they won’t ripped easily even if you try to pull them.They come in a black pouch to store them safely.Good value for your money and very worth it!

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    Michele of New Hampshire

    They do not work at all whatsoever with the any of the three adapters that I purchased. They will be returned.

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    Vanessa Monteith

    Perfect gift, hands free, & a healthier style. Great product. Thank you

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    kevin smith

    These headphones are great and they are very well made. Get the EMF protection and dont look like a dork with bluetooth earbuds destroying your mind.

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