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“Reiki Chants is a beautiful musical composition that carries the listener on waves of healing energy to a realm of infinite potential. The light instrumentals, combined with soft vocals, blend with Reiki healing energy in a manner that has never before been experienced.” – Laurelle Shanti Gaia, International Center for Reiki Training “The ultimate sonic tune-up for body, mind and spirit! The magic of this CD is in the sequence of the recording. When I listen from start to finish, I feel like I’ve had a spiritual massage.” – SOURCE BOOKS & SACRED SPACES “Reduce stress without Valium!” – VOGUE “This innovative album [is] designed not to induce a euphoric dance state in your little brain, but to…heal your soul, align you with the cosmos and add a little low-keyed dance music to your work day.” – INK 19 Jonathan Goldman is a world-renowned authority in the field of sound healing who presents lectures, workshops and weeklong intensive training sessions around the world. Goldman is a pioneer in the field of harmonics and a Gold-selling artist who has appeared on Grammy Award-winning recordings. He has published numerous books considered the best in their field including Healing Sounds (Inner Traditions) and Tantra of Sound (Hampton Roads). New Age Retailer named Goldman one of the Top 5 Most Popular New Age Musicians of All Time. Reiki Chants is the first album to use Kotodama (an ancient oriental system of sound healing) to create the sounds that encode and manifest the power and energy of the Reiki symbols for accelerated healing. Reiki Chants is both powerful and eminently listenable – a therapeutic musical masterpiece for healing and vibratory acceleration. It continues Goldman’s cutting-edge work, integrating a totally new synthesis of ideas and sonics designed to explore sound as a transformational modality. The exotic sounds of these chants are beautiful to listen to and truly powerful to experience for healing and meditation or simply as gentle, relaxing music.


Calming, ethereal and haunting soundscapes take you away on a blissful healing journey in Reiki Chants. It features harp, tambura, koto, violin, bells, gentle keyboards and male and female choral voices that have Enya like qualities to my ears. What is unique and magical about this disc is that the different chants and arrangements are each encoded with the energy of the Reiki symbols. What a great disc for healing, meditation or just re-charging the mind, body and soul. Truly this is my favorite release from Jonathan Goldman – a real must-have! — Planet Light Worker, June 2007

REIKI CHANTS by Jonathan Goldman Reiki Chants is a collection of lush choral meditations based on ancient sounds said to contain the energy of the reiki symbols. Since Goldman is a Grammy-nominated composer who specializes in healing sounds–the use of sound to create balance in the body–these four tracks, which are gentle, vowel-oriented chants accompanied by harp, koto, violin and keyboards, work on many level. Reiki practitioners looking to deepen their work through sound accompaniment will be fans, as will many other body workers who may simply seek assistance in creating a healing space in their massage therapy rooms. Put this CD on and start to breath again from your core. It also includes 16 pages of inner notes that detail the CD’s creation. — Massage Therapy Journal, Winter 2006

Reiki is an increasingly popular form of spiritual practice for the treatment of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases. It was developed in early 20th century Japan by Mikao Usui, who said he received the ability of `healing without energy depletion’ after three weeks of fasting and meditating on Mount Kurama. Practitioners use a technique similar to the laying on of hands as well as gestures in the air, which they say will channel ki energy from a disembodied spirit or spirits. This energy then flows through their palms to bring about healing. Reiki Chants is a beautiful choral album with lush vocals and light instruments, designed to enhance specific aspects of Reiki energy for amplified physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness and healing. The different chants are each encoded with the energy of the Reiki symbols. Jonathan Goldman is an authority in the field of sound healing and a pioneer in the field of harmonics. He has appeared on Grammy Award-winning recordings, published many books, and been named `one of the Top 5 Most Popular New Age Musicians of All Time’ by New Age Retailer. Reiki Chants is the first album to use Kotodama (an ancient oriental system of sound healing) to create the sounds that encode and manifest the power and energy of the Reiki symbols for accelerated healing, meditation and relaxation. The uplifting music features male and female voices with harp, tambura, koto, violin and gentle keyboards. Extensive liner notes on the creation and uses of this recording are included so you don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner in order to enjoy its relaxing and healing energy. This peaceful and calming music is perfect for easing general stress and helping you to dropping off to sleep at night. Other Jonathan Goldman albums to look out for include Frequencies (JSG2211), Medicine Buddha (JSG1177) and the best-selling Chakra Chants (JSG1133). — Daily Om April 28, 2007

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10 reviews for Reiki Chants

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    Merlin the cat

    I know Reiki and this CD helped me to feel the energies of the Reiki vibrations. It also made me feel very rested and calm. Highly recommended.

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    I first heard this CD during a Reiki healing session. This CD is amazing! I felt calmed, centered, and connected to source after hearing this CD. I immediately went home and bought it. I use it to meditate, do yoga, and I put it on mp3 player so that when I’m in the darkroom (I’m a photographer) having a difficult moment, this CD always calms and focuses me so I can get the job done and end up with a better final product that what I had originally imagined. I bought this CD for all of my friends and family as well and they have also reported awesome experiences.Another AMAZING CD is Ben Scott & Christina Mitchell – Tibetan Chakra Meditations. I also wrote a review about the power of this phenomenal CD.

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    I play this music every day as I’m doing my Morning Meditation.

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    Bought this to compliment the long lasting benefits of my last reiki session! This was the music my healer used during our session so hearing it again at home triggers the memory and allows me to tap back into the gift of healing energy she planting within my heart. I have trouble quieting my mind enough to meditate on my own but with this I can close my eyes and relax completely.

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    JH of Ventura

    I bought this for use during Reiki treatment: for myself and for my girlfriend. I have also used it as a support for times of prayer and more. The use of the human vocal instrument is marvelous. It gets daily use.

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    Kimberly M. Eaton

    If you are looking for a nice CD to use for your meditations this could be it. It is very calming. I have used it with groups and the feedback is always positive.

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    I bought this CD as recommended for group Reiki/Intention meditation use. It offers a calming, enhancing serenity background that does not distract you from the meditation.

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    Rhonda Spaz

    The chants are lovely and relaxing. I use them during hypnosis and therapy sessions as well as with Reiki energy work.

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    I was encouraged to use this recording during my sessions. I didn’t acquire it until after I had given a few treatments using another Reiki background album. When I played this CD ,for the first time, while giving session I was physically moved. The tones give ME more focus. I use this for each session for the benefit of client and me. You won’t be sorry!!

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