PANBMAO Grounding Sheets King Size | Organic Cotton + Silver Fiber | White Fitted Earth Sheets with Grounding Cord




Color White
Material Cotton
Size King – 76″x80″x15″
Fabric Type 5% Silver Fiber/95% Cotton
Pattern Geometric

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Product Description



What is grounding?

Grounding means that the skin is directly connected to the surface of the Earth, such as walking barefoot on the earth. We can find in various literature and practices subjective reports that walking barefoot on the earth can improve health and happiness.

The benefits of grounding.

Improve sleep and promote a deeper sleep, normalize the circadian cortisol rhythm, reduce stress, reduce or eliminate chronic pain, speed up wound healing, fast recovery from fatigue, reduce blood viscosity.

How Can You Get Grounded?

In addition to walking barefoot, we can also easily realize grounding through grounding products (such as grounding pads, grounding sheets, etc.). For example, when we lie on a grounded sheet, it is actually the same as when we lie on the grass, connecting the human body to the earth.


How to use?

The grounding fitted sheet is very simple to use, you can spread it on the mattress like a normal bed fitted sheet, then snap the grounding connection cord onto the metal stud on the side of the grounding fitted sheet black conductive leather, and plug the other end of the ground wire into the grounding jack of the wall outlet.

Washing Note

The grounding fitted sheet can be machine washed, and liquid detergent can be used, but please do not use bleach/fabric softeners/whitening detergents or oxi-detergents. It can be line dried or dried in a dryer on low, but not at high temperature.

Product Features

PANBMAO Best Quality



Best Qaulity

The important component of grounding sheet is silver fiber. Silver fibers of different quality vary greatly. Our products use high-quality 170D silver fiber, which is different from other low-quality silver fibers. The silver fiber used in our products has better conductivity, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can maintain long-term conductivity.

Larger Size

Our grounding fitted sheets are larger than others. The grounding fitted sheet can fit the mattress perfectly and maintain sufficient size after washing.

Better Safety

Our grounding fitted sheets use a dedicated grounding cord with built-in safety resistors. It not only ensures the effective grounding function, but also ensures the safety of use.


Are grounding sheets safe to use?

Safe. Firstly, the use of grounding sheet is to connect the grounding sheet with the grounding Jack in the socket, and the grounding jack is not charged. Secondly, the grounding cord we are equipped with has a protective resistance of 100 kohm, which can effectively prevent lightning and other electric shock hazards. Therefore, please rest assured.

Who is suitable for use?

There are no strict restrictions. Anyone can use it at any age.

Grounding Test Method

The following is the grounding test method, it is not necessary, you can try it if you are interested.

Step1: Prepare grounding fitted sheet, connection cord, and multimeter (it is not included in this grounding products set).

Step2: Adjust the multimeter range over to 200 kiloohms (this step is very important, if the range selection is wrong, the multimeter reading will be 0).

Step3: Measure both ends of the connection cord with the multimeter. If the resistance is 100 kiloohms, it means that the conductivity is normal.

Step4: Snap the connection cord onto the metal stud on the grounding fitted sheet. Then connecting one end of the multimeter to the connection cord plug, and the other end to the silver fiber on grounding fitted sheet. If the multimeter shows a valid reading, it indicates that the conductivity of the entire grounding sheet is normal.

Important information

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for PANBMAO Grounding Sheets King Size | Organic Cotton + Silver Fiber | White Fitted Earth Sheets with Grounding Cord

  1. Avatar

    Natalie Matoska

    I’m so happy with these grounding sheets, they fit my 15″ thick mattress perfectly. They are comfortable and feel like a quality, high-end fabric, kind of like a ripstop cloth but soft. I could feel the grounding effect right away with a bit of tingling. My typical body fidgeting and RLS in my legs – all gone. I would normally run outside and stand on the grass for 2 minutes and get back in bed but it’s winter so I thought what the heck. My dog sleeps with me, the first night I put the sheet on, he was out before I got back from brushing my teeth. And that has continued every night since. My dog Flynn He is in such a deep sleep that he is dreaming tons lol. I’m learning more about grounding but I will finish by saying these sheets feel great / high quality and I’m sleeping deeper & waking earlier now feeling more ready to tackle the day. Hope this helps

  2. Avatar


    Short answer not sure. Long answer, after the first 6 nights I received an alert on my phone stating that my resting heart rate has been 11bpm over the last 6 days. Which I found interesting as I have never received any notice from my watch/phone about my heart rate. I’m also checking in with my wife who has a bad back. We are now about 10 nights into it and I asked her today and she says she’s been sleeping pretty good and not in as much pain. The sheets are a little on the ruff side but I prefer that. I don’t like the feeling of sliding all over the place. I’m a believer!!!

  3. Avatar


    I bought the PANBMAO grounding sheets with high hopes. The idea of grounding myself while I sleep to improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation sounded amazing. Unfortunately, my experience with these sheets was anything but dreamy. Here’s why:Grounding Fizzle: The main selling point, the grounding functionality, was a complete non-starter. The flimsy cord disconnected constantly, rendering the grounding practically useless. It felt like more of a nuisance than a benefit, constantly popping out and needing reattachment.Comfort Catastrophe: While organic cotton sounds luxurious, the sheet felt rough and scratchy. The silver fibers added an odd texture that was anything but restful. Sleep, which was supposed to be improved, became an itchy battlefield.Durability Debacle: After just a few washes, the sheets started developing noticeable wear and tear. The stitching came loose in some places, and the silver fibers seemed to be thinning. For the premium price tag, this level of cheapness was unacceptable.Size Mishap: I ordered a queen-sized sheet, but it barely fit my mattress. It constantly bunched up, making it impossible to achieve that smooth, tucked-in look. Waking up to a tangled mess wasn’t exactly the grounding experience I was hoping for.Overall Frustration: In the end, the PANBMAO grounding sheets were a frustrating disappointment. They failed to deliver on their promises, offered uncomfortable sleep, and fell apart prematurely. Considering the high price, I feel cheated and wouldn’t recommend these sheets to anyone. For grounding, stick to a grounding mat or consider other options. Save your money and your sleep – steer clear of these sheets!

  4. Avatar

    Mom of 2

    It did have grounding pull. But health wise I never saw any benefits. Not very soft.

  5. Avatar


    This sheet is AMAZING! It’s a quality grounding sheet! I actually ordered another one for my husband because we use a split king mattress. We both put them on each side of our beds. The grounding cord that is provided is nice and long so you have plenty of slack to be able to plug it into the grounding slot of the outlet. The sheets are soft and comfortable and feel like any other normal sheet. We are both getting a better nights sleep and will continue to use these sheets! Great product!! Everyone should get these for their bed!! Must have!!

  6. Avatar

    Zachary Stephens

    UPDATE: After this company read my review (Below) they contacted me and gave me a full refund even though I threw the product away. That’s a stand-up company in my book. You may give it a try and if you don’t like it I’m certain they’ll work with you.The small button that attaches to the wire wouldn’t make a good enough connection to the sheets so I had to sew pieces of copper into the bedsheet so it would make the connection. After a couple nights of sleep parts of it were coming apart at the seams. Unfortunately we had to throw the sheet away.

  7. Avatar

    Tara L. Young

    I just recently heard about grounding sheets and their health benefits. I was eager to try them because my husband has difficulty sleeping. Ever since I put these sheets on our bed, he sleeps great. I do too, deep sleep. I loved then so much, I bought more sheets so we never go a night without them.

  8. Avatar

    Happy Rafters

    These sheets, a great little scratchy when you just take them out of the package and put them on your bed so I recommend washing them first. 100% cotton, which I like the grounding effect has been good for us. My husband had a hard time sleeping he sleeps much better. I have peripheral neuropathy and it seems to help that as well. I bought the fitted sheet it fits our 12 inch deep mattress.

  9. Avatar

    Fabio Maciel

    The quality of materials used is top-notch, providing both comfort and functionality. The fitted sheet fits seamlessly onto my mattress, and the grounding cord is a thoughtful addition, allowing me to connect with the Earth’s natural energy effortlessly. I’ve noticed improved sleep quality and a sense of calmness since using this grounding sheet. It’s a game-changer for anyone looking to enhance their well-being through a holistic approach to sleep. Highly recommended!

  10. Avatar

    Gordon Szoke

    Quality product, as advertised function.
    Not sure if I really notice a difference, but maybe? My neck hasn’t been as sore since I started sleeping on it, which could mean it’s working as intended to help inflammation. I certainly notice no static in the sheets. Maybe sleeping a bit better, but it’s not really measurable. I think the cost vs benefit is only good if you can definitively say it’s really working. Maybe for some, the benefit would be more noticeable?

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