OUTEXER Far Infrared Sauna Home Sauna Spa Room Low-EMF Canadian Hemlock Wood 800W Indoor Saunas with Control Panel and Tempered




  • Good materials:This gorgeous sauna is constructed with high-quality Natural Canadian Hemlock wood. A beautiful and durable wood that serves as an excellent heat insulator. Its glass is tempered for reliable longevity. The intelligent entertainment system is equipped with two high-quality speakers.Small size, low space requirements. Convenient and worry free. Bluetooth code: 0000
  • Benefits from far infrared spa:Lowers blood pressure. Detoxifies and increases blood circulation. Alleviates joint pain, ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints. Besides burning calories, improves skin tone among other benefits. When you are play game on your mobile phone, watch movies, enjoying the book, magazine, TV show, your weight is losing and your body is sharping.It can be adjust during 68°F-140°F.
  • Low-EMF far infrared: 800W Low rated EMF/EMR infrared sauna. 5 high efficiency and environmental protection infrared carbon ultra low EMF energy efficient heating panels (EMF Under 3MG) surround your body. The bottom heating plate is independently controlled to keep the soles of the feet hot. The temperature will not change after reaching the set temperature. Automatic temperature adjustment, humanized temperature control system.800W-power saving, low electricity charge.Size:61.61*35.24*27.56.
  • Safety protection:You can adjust the temperature according to your needs with the control panel. With the automatic timer option, you can easily determine the length of time that suits you. Features timer and power adjustment, Temperature setting protection, system protection, hardware protection.
  • Global service: Our products enjoy a 7 year after sales service. Our global customer support team, fully staffed in the U.S. Our after sales engineer offer the best customer service. You only need to do a simple installation. The seats and foot grids are sprayed with water-based paint, which does not contain harmful substances. After use, simply wipe them with a towel. They are clean and tidy
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10 reviews for OUTEXER Far Infrared Sauna Home Sauna Spa Room Low-EMF Canadian Hemlock Wood 800W Indoor Saunas with Control Panel and Tempered

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    phira m. luon

    Perfect size for my covered patio outdoors.Does not take up too much space and fits the vibe of my yard very well. Customer service was extremely great – set up was a breeze. I did it myself, only needed one persons help to screw on the heating plate from the outside.Looks modern and very well constructed, hoping this will last for years. Tried it for the first time last week and it didn’t take long for it to heat up and for me to break a sweat. The light is very comfortable and soothing but I elected to turn the lights off as my yard has other led night lights already. Very peaceful and heats up well, Bluetooth is a nice touch as I just left my phone outside and listened to a movie while I was in the sauna. Overall, very extremely pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend this company and this sauna if your looking for a sauna that takes up little to no footprint.*** I decided to put this outdoors but fully covered under a pergola with no potential water leakage even with rain anywhere – if you decide to put this outdoors pls make sure it is fully covered and no moisture can reach the unit or its power outlet.

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    This Sauna exceptional and easy on the eyes. We let it heat up for about 15 minutes before getting in and I will easily break a sweat about 10 minutes in. The Bluetooth is a big plus and has great sound. Set up was super easy and straightforward. We have absolutely loved having the convenience of having this sauna at our home. Well worth the money

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    Amazon Customer

    The controller box was damaged in shipping but after some messaging, the sellers shipped a new one and it works great! Nice and compact for the corner of the bedroom.

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    K. M.

    Went together easy, probably took me an hour or less from box to turning it on. Gets a good sweat going, and I feel very relaxed after using it. I use it after my exercise routine, but it’s also great if you’re feeling chilled. It’s my first sauna, so I really don’t have a lot of experience, but I like it and am happy with the purchase.

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    This (one-person) Infrared Sauna is the most affordable for the value. It works great for weight loss and body cleansing. It reaches maximum temperature in just 10 minutes, using only 800 Watt: most power outlets can handle it. This sufficient to cause a good sweat. It is safer to do shorter sessions (consult your doctor). The Infrared heat warms you faster that just the hot air alone (and more energy-efficiently). The Bluetooth speakers are great. I had a minor wood separation issue in one area. The vendor quickly sent me a reasonable credit for my repair. Good customer service. I use it most often now: great gift to myself and family.

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     Oh wow, I can’t say enough good things about this sauna, it is perfect! It’s so attractive, it looks much more expensive than it it, it’s incredibly easy to put together and to use, we probably put it together in less than 10 minutes. My husband and I feel amazing after about two weeks of using it. We had a slight issue with the packaging being damaged upon delivery, we had to reach out to the custom support and they were incredible and super responsive. I freaking LOVE it, it is so worth it!

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    Blaklee Collett

    Works wonderfully!! Super sleek and nice! We also love the Bluetooth capability!We did have one minor issue with a piece damaged during delivery but this company was super quick to respond to us and resolved that issue for us soooo quickly!!Would order again for sure!

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    I was originally going to rate this a 3, as the ins and outs on this thing are very tight for me (I’m 6 ft 275). But after sitting in it for 22 minutes, I can live with that. I may be the first one to have actually purchased this and used it, and there were allot of impressive features. Sound system was very good, although gets a little twangy on higher volumes. Back of the seat gets very, very hot; may even burn a bare skin contact. Assembly was fairly straight forward, had to do some guessing on the wiring; and wife had to help me feed the wiring through the roof. Overall, love it!!!!

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    I bought this for a gift to myself for Christmas in order to 10x my health journey. I already fast 18-24 hours at a time and go to the gym. It takes about 15 mins to reach 140. I stay in for 30-35 minutes a session. It took about 25 mins to set up by myself and part of that was just being overly cautious. The pieces fit to perfection and I have no regrets. I clean it after each use using 1/2 Cup of Vinegar with 2 cups of water mix with lemon essential oil. I leave the door open when not using and let it run for 30 mins idle once a week as directed, sometimes before I get in. No complaints. I’m 5’9 1/2 and about 170. It’s snug fit but perfect for just sitting. Im considering getting a back support

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    Amazon Customer

    I have only had it for a week, but it works well.

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