LTCCDSS Outdoor Red Cedar Sauna 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna, Red Cedar Canadian, Withstand Outdoor Temp -10℉-149℉| Low EMF




  • 📩[Perfect after-sal-es Ser-vice] : We provide 10-year of seller warran-ty and re-turn ser-vice, if you have any questions about the product, you can contact us directly, we will reply you within 12 hours.
  • 🌲【West Coast Red Cedar, British Columbia, Canada】 The wood used throughout the outdoor sauna is made of red cedar from the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. The characteristics of red cedar’s low-density and high-porous structure make its thermal insulation effect far exceed that of bricks, cement and steel. Can withstand outdoor temperature up to: -10℉-149℉.
  • ⚙【Low EMF Far-Infrared Outdoor Sauna】:Outdoor sauna -12 non-radiation carbon crystal far-infrared heating plates, 2,050 W, stable wave band, 100% maintained in the low EMF range for human health. Ten minutes quick warm-up, temperature control range: 68-149 degrees Fahrenheit (20-65 degrees Celsius), outdoor sauna with 6mm tempered glass door, firmly locks the temperature inside the sauna.
  • 📐【Super Size Outdoor Sauna】: The overall external size of the LTCCDSS outdoor sauna room is as high as 83In*68.2In*52.4In, which can easily accommodate 4 people to take a sauna at the same time, suitable for height: 55 inches to 78 inches, the seat can hold up to close to 660 pounds (300kg)
  • 🛒【Perfect Sauna Experience】: Outdoor sauna – 4 colorful lights, 2 reading lights and 2 bluetooth speakers. After a long day at work, relax in the home sauna while reading, listening to music and more. It can lose weight, improve skin tone, relieve stiffness and joint pain, increase blood circulation, promote calmer sleep, reduce stress and improve overall energy levels.

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There is always an outdoor sauna that suits you

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How to trace the raw materials and production of sauna room?

The logs are taken from red cedar in Canada. The cutting and painting process of the wood is completed in China. Finally, the heating and central control system inside the sauna room are assembled and delivered in several factories in California.

What are the electrical data and circuit breaker data applicable to the sauna?

The rated power of the sauna is 2050W and power supply AC 120V/50~60HZ;Plug NEMA 5-15P;30 amp circuit breaker.

What are the internal and external dimensions of the sauna?

Internal Dimensions: 58.8*49.9*72.6 in (L*W*H)

External Dimensions: 68.2x 52.4 x 82.7 in (L*W*H)

How much extreme weather can the sauna withstand outside?

The west coast red cedar in British Columbia, Canada, is extremely strong and resistant to high and low temperatures. Can withstand almost all North American continental climates, the temperature range is: -10℉~149℉

What is the after-sales warran-ty for a sauna ?

From the date of purchase, any quality problems about the product itself. We will provide a free 10-year re-turn and re-placement service and parts re-placement service.

8 Reasons Why you Will Choose Us

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West-Coast Red Cedar, Canadia

Red cedar on the west coast of Canada:

  • IP6 waterproof rating
  • Extremely temperature-resistant which can withstand outdoor temperatures of -10℉ ~ 149℉.

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Supersized Internal Dimensions

Sauna internal dimensions: 58.8in*55.9in*70.1in (L*W*H) ,Fits people up to 78.75 inches tall and holds up to 660 lbs in a single seat.

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Lighting and Sound System

4*color lights, 2*ambient lights, 2*bluetooth speakers. 7 color light therapy lamps & Boss Bluetooth speakers bring you the ultimate sauna experience.

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Anti-Scald Partition

The scientific design of the hemlock partition keeps the infrared heating plate at a safe distance from the body, away from the danger of burns.

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Strict Factory Inspection

Before leaving the factory, each sauna room will be assembled and tested to simulate real use scenarios to ensure the best factory quality

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A1 Grade Tempered Glass

A1 grade tempered glass, strong and high temperature resistant, avoiding the risk of breaking due to high temperature & high strength collisions.

outdoor sauna

Sturdy and Safe Packaging

Ultra-high thickness & hardness cardboard and up to 100 pieces of foam board. Comprehensive protection to ensure transportation safety.

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Windproof & Temp-Lock Tampon

Cotton sliver embedded between glass and wood: prevents cold wind from invading, locks internal temperature, and saves more power consumption.

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10 reviews for LTCCDSS Outdoor Red Cedar Sauna 4 Person Far Infrared Sauna, Red Cedar Canadian, Withstand Outdoor Temp -10℉-149℉| Low EMF

  1. Avatar

    Julie Bakken

    The sauna arrived faster than promised, and was packaged securely. We use it almost daily and are happy with the quality. We chose to buy thru Amazon because we read so many horror stories and reviews. We are pleased with our purchase.

  2. Avatar

    Michael T

    I am a fan of this sauna backrest. Used it last night and found it to be very comfortable, with the contour creating a nice support for my lower back. Please note that this backrest is about 26″ in height. For me (6’02”) it is not tall enough to offer any head or neck support. The top of the backrest sits about the top of my shoulders. However, with the angle that my shoulders rest on the backrest, it lends to a nice angle for my head to rest against the wall. I was able to comfortably use the backrest in my sauna without any flexion or extension strain to my neck.The backrest feels very sturdy and very well-made. The slats are straight and fit well into their slots. I am 225 pounds – when I lean against it, it feels very solid. No creaking, no wincing, no weeping. Nice and solid. The backrest is also very attractive, and adds a nice touch to my sauna.I do recommend this sauna backrest by LTCCDSS and thank you for reading my review.

  3. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    The sauna arrived ahead of schedule with only a small blemish from shipper. Assembled in just over an hour with help to put the roof on. Been using for about two weeks and noticed a nice drop in blood pressure for myself and my wife, back to normal, healthy range. While fairly small, it does tuck in nicely outside the house and is plug and play. We really like the bluetooth speaker system. Nice purchase!

  4. Avatar

    One Up Golfer

    This review is for the Larger (25.98 in * 16.54 in) Sauna Backrest/Support. I do own the Smaller (20.5 in * 13 in) one also and had it first. I liked the smaller one so much that I ordered this Larger one. This Backrest is made from the same Canadian Hemlock Real Wood that the smaller one I have from this company is made from. This Larger Backrest is finished with a clear coat of something to seal the wood which kinda surprised me since the smaller one from this company came UNFINISHED, as just Sanded Raw Wood. I was expecting this to be unfinished wood also, but it has been sealed with something.I’ve included pictures of this Larger Backrest as well as the smaller one I own that I got from LTCCDSS before this one. That way you can see the difference in size and that the Support Curvature is the same. This Larger One has FLAT support slats vs the ROUND ones in the smaller backrest this company offers. Both are very comfortable feeling on my back. This Larger One offers more Angle Adjustments when leaning on a wall of a Sauna since it’s taller.I’m not using this for the Sauna, I’m using this in a Recliner and outside in my Patio Chair. This larger backrest has the same support curvature as the smaller one. I’m 5′ 8″ and I’m able to place this so that it is VERY comfortable and supportive.I’m really glad that I ordered this Large Backrest. I highly recommend it!!P.S. I’ve had more time with the smaller one, and I honestly can’t say which of the Two I prefer. They are BOTH very comfortable to me.

  5. Avatar

    David K

    I’ve been building my own outdoor sauna and had to have this LTCCDSS back rest. It is very well made and will be great when I start using my sauna. I wanted to find something that was hemlock too since my sauna is mostly made out of hemlock. I am very happy with it since its nice and strong and very well built. I need it to endure high temperatures inside of the sauna and I think it will work great there. I hope it doesn’t discolor very much when I’m sweating on it, but we will give an update in the future. Overall for the low price, the high quality, and being made from Canadian hemlock, I think it was a great buy! I’d recommend it! 5 stars!

  6. Avatar

    Rene R

    The Sauna backrest helps ease my back pain.The backrest is designed to be used sitting; however, I put it on my bed and used it lying down. I moved up and down on the backrest until I felt some relief that felt like decompression. It provided soothing pain relief, enough relief that I fell asleep while lying on the backrest. I do not recommend falling asleep on it. If it worsens the pain or causes discomfort, it is probably causing more bad than good. I am a firm believer, as most pain specialists do, there is no such thing as good pain when needing to alleviate pain or the source of pain.I used the backrest as is. Others may want to wear a towel or something similar if the wood slat spacing is uncomfortable. Please consult with your physician before using this backrest in a manner that was not designed to be used.The backrest is very sturdy. It does not flex and can be easily wiped clean. I keep it under my bed for easy access.I recommend the backrest for back support.

  7. Avatar

    Gary Clark

    I recently purchased this outdoor infrared sauna for my wife. The unit arrived in three large, flat boxes via FedEx Freight. Following the instruction manual, the sauna was fairly easy to assemble. Once plugged in, the sauna powered up and worked has advertised, including the Bluetooth interface. Other than the small stickers on the wood screw bag, there is no mention of or directions for installing the wood screws in the instruction manual. To install, some disassembly will now required to install per the sticker notes. I also noted that the lower wood edge of the gable is not finished, which would result in rainwater soaking into the wood over time. Since the panels are fairly large, I would also suggest that the panels be labeled to make the assembly easier for a first-time owner.

  8. Avatar

    Science Teacher

    This sauna backrest is well made, I love the feel of the hemlock, and I have a spacious shower, but it is not comfortable either leaning or lying on top of it.Cannot recommend, I am still thinking of an alternative use for it.

  9. Avatar


    I bought this sauna a few months ago. It worked great for a few times, and then stoped working. The company sent me the parts to fix it and it has worked perfectly since then. They also sent us a steam sauna for our trouble and it works great also. I would like to know what I can treat the exterior wood with to give it more protection from the elements?

  10. Avatar

    Brian Hoffek

    I use this in my sunlighten sauna at my home. Very comfortable and at a much better price than the ones Sunlighten sells. Gives great back support.

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