Healing with Whole Foods, Third Edition: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition–Your holistic guide to healing body and mind




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Healing with Whole Foods contains a wealth of information on health, diet, alternative medicine, natural food presentation, and recipes, researched by an expert in the field. Readers will learn how to apply Chinese medicine and the five-element theory to a contemporary diet; treat illness and nervous disorders through diet; and make the transition to whole vegetable foods. The most detailed source book yet published on preparing food and eating consciously, Healing with Whole Foods includes complete sections on Ayurvedic principles of food—combining; the treatment of disease conditions through meals; transition from animal products to whole vegetable foods; micro-algae; selection of waters and salts; the extremely complex varieties of oils, sugars, and condiments; vitamins and minerals; fasting and purification; food for children, food presentation and proportions; vibrational cooking; the physiology of nourishment; color diagnosis and therapy; consciousness in diet changes; plus descriptions of the nature and uses of various grains, legumes, miso, tempeh, tofu, seaweeds, nuts and seeds, sprouts, and fruits. Also featured are sections on chutneys, relishes, pickles, different milks, rejuvelac, yogurt, salads, and desserts.”
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Paul Pitchford is a teacher and nutrition researcher. In his healing work with individuals, he develops rejuvenative plans based on awareness and dietary practices. His early training, following ancient traditional practice, was primarily through apprenticeships and private instructions with masters of meditation and East Asian medicine. For more than three decades, he has applied the unifying wisdom of Far Eastern thought to the major dietary therapies available in the West to create a new vision of health and nutrition.

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10 reviews for Healing with Whole Foods, Third Edition: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition–Your holistic guide to healing body and mind

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    Any time some new dietary trend comes along and I’m tempted to jump on the band wagon, I turn to this book to remind me of the foundations and ground me in reality.

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    Jennifer Rose

    I was vegetarian from the time I was 12 to 21 and then off and on after. In the past year I have found that despite supplements and additions of b12 and iron in my diet I was suffering from all the symptoms of b12 and iron deficiency. My moods had never been very stable, my periods always came with much PMS. We were looking into whether or not I was bipolar. I looked into many options, Naturopathic medicine, herbalism, aromatherapy, shamanism, western medicine, psychiatry, yoga and then I found this book. After reading it I came to the hard conclusion that I would try eating meat. It was never a choice I felt comfortable with but faced with my life’s collapse and feeling that diet and exercise was a stronger medication than any mental health medication I tried it.I immediately felt the effects. The exhaustion, the mood swings, went away. Months later the PMS went away. A few more adjustments to my diet including eliminating eggs and nuts, which I found created too much excess.. and my anger, my irritation dissolved. Leaving me with a much more peaceful life, a more peaceful mind. This was from me reading a book, not talking to a doctor. This book is comprehensive, and easy to use so much so that I could change my life. It was as if Paul Pitchford was sitting in the room talking with me. A couple of times reading the sections that related to me and I had a workable plan. Putting the plan into action I immediately saw my life transform.So please don’t put your health and body into a stereotype. This book helped me transform my life! I want to share it with you because each person is unique in what is best for them. Sometimes people are telling you to do this or that because it will make you healthy; raw food, vegetarianism; or because it is good for the earth, veganism.That if you are sick you should take this medication or accept a label for what is wrong with you. When in reality if you change the foundation of your life through diet and exercise until you find what is right for you.. your life and the way you think can transform. But you are unique. This book recommends a vegetarian diet, but empasis is put on finding what works for you. There is a disease and illness guide, sections of vitamins and minerals and what that looks like for your body in excess and deficiency. Combining Chinese medicine and nutrition you have all the tools you need to look at yourself critically, to heal, to grow, to thrive.

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    Stephanie Manley

    Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford is an amazing book. It is amazing for the depth that it goes into in how asian traditions combined with modern medicine can be used in making you healthier by what you choose to eat. This book is well over 600 pages, and while it is thick, he does a wonderful job of boiling down this vast amount of information and will help you to customize a diet that works well for you. Since reading this book I have made many changes to my diet, and I feel better. Much of this book contains very sound traditional ideas on diet and exercise, but I like where it dives into why Asian practice is different and what the theories are on what will make you feel better.So often in western medicine we are given cookie cutter diets that are perscribed to everyone, and this book really helps you develop a more customized approach. I like that this book will ask you questions and go over a variety of symptoms then explain why your body may behave like it does, and then the author will help you make changes that will help with these symptoms and help you heal your body. Generally none of the approaches are too extreme, but rather small choices you can make that will help make a difference.My only complaint with this book is that it really advocates leaving out the dairy and meat out of your diet. Personally, for me, this isn’t a choice I want to make at this time. I do choose to limit red meat intake, and ensure that the quality of protien I get is high, and I sometimes eat vegetarian, but not always. If you are interested in a wholistic approach that teaches something other than low fat diet, check this book out. This is an amazing read and if it can help you with even one or two minor health issues this is worth the price of the book just on the fact you don’t have to reach into a medicine cabinet and try to cure yourself.

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    My acupuncturist recommended this book. It’s very thorough. I had one sent to my son who feels nature can heal us better than pharmaceuticals.

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    This book has a lot of information, but the diet he proposes is very low on protein, at least for me. It is very thorough and has many recipies.

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    If I could give this book 10,000 stars I would. This book is absolutely incredible! Some points:- This book is HUGE!! 750 pages full of information (I was surprised I didn’t have to pay much more for it — for the amount of info this books contains, I would have easily expected to pay at least twice what it costs!)- Amazingly well-written!- Takes no sides, gives you the facts in a clear, concise way- Complete with theories of Chinese Medicine and descriptions of disease patterns and how to cure them- Very up-to-date — this book is not just about old remedies — it discusses all the issues of the “modern westerner”- Very well organized with an incredible index that you can use to find absolutely anything- Lists more foods than you probably know of, as well as the characteristics and therapeutic uses of each- Provides numerous recipes (though it’s not meant to be a cookbook, I was surprised to find that it not only describes the foods, it tells you how to *use* them, how to *prepare* them, and even how to store them!)If you are looking for a guide to foods that is modern and up-to-date, yet helds to the traditional premises, this is it!This book made me think about what I’ve been eating and drinking (and I don’t mean alcohol — you’ll find some eye-opening truths here about the water you drink, as well as what the meat, poultry, and eggs go through before they get to your fridge.)This book made me become a vegan.This book made me purify my water before I drink it.This book made me a conscious citizen of the planet!But don’t worry — there is NO preaching! If you are intent on eating meat — fine! All the suggestions in this book provide for carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and everyone in between! It simply tells you te facts and allows you to think for yourself.Thank you, Paul Pitchford, for putting together such an incredible book — it’s an immense achievment!

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    Been There

    I recently began researching acupuncture and Chinese medicine generally, and there is no doubt you are what you eat. I do not precisely, let alone completely understand, by a long shot, what damp and cold and heat, etc. mean, but the more I read, the more I understand the interconnection among the organ systems and their interacting energies. The index is very thorough, and integrates information regarding symptoms and systems and foods and the five seasons approach. There are lots of recipes, which I will try. I wanted to feel better, and from this book I learned quickly to eat lighter and less by expanding new highly nutritious foods in my diet. There are diet recommendations and cleanse recommendations. There are easy to read charts that incorporate a lot of information. I got started on this after 12 acupuncture treatments, and wanting to understand how acupuncture can be so effective. Then I started reading Dragon Rises, Red Bird Flies, which led to this book. It is a great basic encyclopedia for maintaining a healthy balance in body and spirit that I would not want to be without, as well as a text for deeper understanding how the body and emotions are intertwined. A superb reference book.

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    Arlene Hanzark

    Excellent book looking forward to using info. The provider shipped promptly. Arrived much earlier than expected.

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    Mark Brennan

    This book is very informative but quite overwhelming as wel.

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    Samee S

    Picked this up on the recommendation from my Mum’s acupuncturist, to help her in understanding how foods, and more importantly the right foods will aide her in her journey in reducing her chronic back pain.Was super impressed with the level of detail, and how easy it is to access. I have seen my mum often just thumbing through and reading up on different foods, just for the fun of it.An incredibly dense and thorough reference guide. Highly recommended for anyone looking to understand the benefits of making shifts to their eating habits.

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