Healing with Vibration: An Expert Guide to Reversing Pain, Stress, & Trauma




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Praise for Healing With Vibration:

“As a physician I can tell you that the body functions completely on the basis of electrical impulse and vibration. We are fully dependent on energy signalling, from the beating of our hearts, to the breath that we take, to each and every blink of our eyes. Healing modalities that modulate energy and the body’s energy field get at the core root of real, sustainable healing. From sound therapy to meditation to deep restorative sleep to using the natural EMFs of the earth (the Schumann Resonance) we have the power to use vibration to effect real change and improve our health. Lloyd Burrell has written the ultimate resource for you, right here, explaining exactly why—and more importantly how—healing the body at its deepest state is entirely vibrational. I’m honored to recommend this healing resource to my own patients.” 
Laura Koniver, MD, physician, and author of The Earth Prescription

“Lloyd Burrell has put together a remarkable book, contributed to by many outstanding authors, that discusses energy healing in great detail and with deep insight. I believe the world is just getting ready to receive this message, which is of extreme importance to our civilization, if it is to heal from the pandemic of COVID and the global PTSD it has caused. I highly recommend this book to everyone, as a way to gain an excellent perspective on this emerging field (pun intended).”
Neil Nathan, MD, author of Energetic Diagnosis and Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Chronic Environmental Illness

“Lloyd Burrell’s book, Healing with Vibration, is a fantastic compilation. This book exposes the reader to methods of healing that are restorative and holistic, marrying the common sense of ancient tradition to the science of quantum physics. It will be a useful addition to anyone’s library.”
Kevin Conners, DPSc, FICT, FAARFM, author of Stop Fighting Cancer and Start Treating the Cause 

“This book is pure gold, practical, clear, and gathering deep wisdom that everybody can apply to enhance their well-being. Educational, engaging, and thoroughly empowering. Exactly what is needed now!”
Martine Negro, author of Hacking the Well-Being Code through Energetic Intelligence

“Our view of how the human body works, what makes us sick, and how we heal, is changing rapidly with novel scientific discoveries converging with ancient healing modalities. We are all beings of light and each cell in our body communicates with other cells by way of frequency. Understanding the language of our cells enables us to reduce interfering frequencies and to enhance cellular communication by removing blockages. In this book, Healing with Vibration, experts from around the world share their experiences and understanding in an easy to follow conversational style. If you are exposed to excessive stress and have any of the following symptoms (fatigue, pain, insomnia, foggy thinking, anxiety or depression) you will benefit by reading this book. Learn how you can reduce cellular damage and slow-or possibly reverse-the aging process.”
Magda Havas, PhD, Professor Emeritus, Founder & Director of the ROSE Lab that deals with Research of Subtle Energy

“With so much emphasis on the detrimental effects of non-native electromagnetic fields, it is refreshing to read a well-curated, deep dive into the healing benefits of biofield therapies. This book is all about solutions—you will learn many things from Healing with Vibration!”
Brandon LaGreca, LAc, author of Cancer and EMF Radiation: How to Protect Yourself from the Silent Carcinogen of Electropollution

From the Author

Lloyd Burrell has helped hundreds of thousands of people through his website ElectricSense, books, podcasts, online summits and education. 

He is a regular speaker at on-line events, podcasts, radio shows and hosts his own bi-monthly EMF-Health podcast. He is the author of EMF Practical Guide, creator of the EMF Health Summit and the Healing With Vibration Summit, both of which gathered dozens of the world’s most respected leaders and experts.

Lloyd is married with 2 grown up children and lives in sunny South West France.

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10 reviews for Healing with Vibration: An Expert Guide to Reversing Pain, Stress, & Trauma

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    Genevive Sanders

    I learned so much from this book. I’m very interested in energy healing and each chapter had its own philosophy. For example, who knew that humming was so healing for the body?I really enjoyed chapter 3 because it lists various devices that test your personal frequency as well as help to raise it. Now I have a few things to look into.If you’re interested in healing the energetic body, this book shows you many ways to go about it.

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    I think this book is a good read and I liked the idea of how the author incorporating different people with modalities and information that is very valuable. It is a resource if you looking to use alternative methods for healing from physical and emotional pain or trauma. I highly recommend it.

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    A very clear, concise read. Some of the suggestions validate what I’ve learned previously. For me, the big takeaway is the science is changing. A lot of what we learned in school is bunk!

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    Amazon Customer

    I highly recommend this book. It has many resources to guide you back to health.

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    Lots of suggestions the average person can out to use to reduce EMF effects

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    ken macdonald

    Lloyd has brought together a lot of information on vibration, which also means frequencies. The harms and the benefits. a very useful book. Thank you llyod!

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    Rosemary Atri

    I truly believe that vibration is the medicine of the time and in this amazing book you will find the right answers and the best practices for your healing path.

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    d dobs

    pure&simple…A matter of life&death
    As has oft been stated many times, ‘Even though we can’t see it, radiofrequency/microwave radiation , is a hazardous, xenobiotic (foreign-to-life) agent, and a significant source of harmful environmental pollution.’Lloyd Burrell at ElectricSense gives us the survival tools in this groundbreaking book…Humanity thanks you,Prof Lloyd!

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    A good overview of the subject, by experts in their field
    The book is certainly very good value for money, particularly with the bonus books that Mr Burrell throws in. With regard to the subject matter, there is a good overview of the topic. But unfortunately, there is very little detail on any of the topics, which leaves one dissatisfied. I have to admit that I have read many books on the topics discussed, and my dissatisfaction may therefore not be entirely fair. For newcomers to the topics, the book is recommended.

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