Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit King Size 15″ Deep Pocket Earthing Fitted Bottom Sheet + Earthing Product Tester + U.S. Outlet




Color Off White
Material 10% Silver Fiber,90% Organic Cotton
Size King – 78″*80″*15″
Fabric Type 10% Silver Fiber, 90% Organic Cotton
Pattern Solid

  • The Earthing Starter Kit Includes: 1* King Size Earthing Fitted Sheet (78 by 80 inches with a 15 inches deep pocket); 2 * Earthing Cords (15 feet); 1* Earthing Product Tester (need 2 AAA batteries NOT included); 1* Earthing U.S. Outlet Checker.
  • The Grounding Sheet is made of 10% pure silver thread and 90% organic cotton. Snap Earthing Cord #1 onto your Grounding Sheet, plug the other end of Earthing Cord #1 into the ground socket. That’s all! The Grounding Sheet is ready to ground you!
  • Snap Earthing Cord #2 onto the front of the Product Tester, plug the other end of Earthing Cord #2 into the ground socket. Place the Product Tester firmly onto your Grounding Sheet. A solid green light in the indicator window shows that your product is conductive.
  • Before using your Earthing product, you must ensure that your Type B three-prong wall outlet and/or power strip is grounded. Plug the Outlet Checker into the wall outlet or power strip that you’d like to test. Two Amber Lights = Grounded. Other Light Combinations = Ungrounded and Unsafe.
  • Washing and Care Instructions: It is good to wash your Grounding Bed Sheet. It will not be harmed by washing, in fact, it is beneficial. Washing strips body sweat and natural skin oils from the silver and keeps it conductive.
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8 reviews for Grounding Fitted Sheet Kit King Size 15″ Deep Pocket Earthing Fitted Bottom Sheet + Earthing Product Tester + U.S. Outlet

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    DEBBI Young

    Love the grounding affect that I am getting. Resting all night and feeling better

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    Appreciate that you included two 15-ft outlet attachments and the verifier tool.

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    It took awhile to receive the item. Ignore the pictures, it looks nothing like presented. The fitted sheet is more like a humangous parachute, doesn’t properly fit the mattress, bulky, doesn’t stay in place, the fabric is damaged, the tester doesn’t seem to work. Very very disappointing. Don’t waste your money.

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    Jeff Flinn

    When I received the bedsheet I decided to test it for continuity with the provided tester. The instructions that come with the tester indicate you should connect your sheet via one of the grounding wires to the tester and the Safe-T-Cube. The second grounding wire should be connected to the Safe-T-Cube and over to your wall socket ground. Those are the only instructions. The problem is that they don’t provide a Safe-T-Cube so you can’t test your bedsheet with the provided instructions. Their customer service responded within a day of contacting them and explaining my problem. It took several communications over 3 more days to get resolution and only after I took pictures of all the ways I tried to get the tester to test my bedsheet. Finally, customer service told me to connect one grounding wire from the tester to the wall socket and connect the second grounding wire from the sheet to a SECOND wall socket. Then, I was able to test my bedsheet and it tested good. A lot of frustration could have been avoided with a simple change to their tester instructions. Hopfully, this will save a few others the same frustration and time suck that I went through.I can’t comment yet on the effectivness of the grounding sheet yet because I feel like a few days is not a fair test. I’ll try to remember to report back after spending some more extensive time using it.

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    Aurora Luna Star

    I love that it came with a tester though I am very energetically sensitive and can feel it. I slept so well and am hoping to feel the anti-inflammatory effects over time.

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    Danielle Barnson

    I loved this product . Then it stopped working. It was nice they included a tester so you knew when it wasn’t working. I am sad I have to return it. It has to be sent back to china and I have to pay for it before they refund my money to get another one. The only other thing I could say is that is was a little rougher cloth then I expected.

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    Daniel M Farrell

    Came with very understandable directions, as to making sure outlet was correctly grounded. Also came with a tester showing that it is grounded After receiving I ordered a second one

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    Cynthia Hina

    Luckily I had Clint’s grounding mat before finding this sheet. The sheet came with everything in the listing but they need to include an outlet cube for the grounding wires. I use the one from my mat; hoping it’s compatible.

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