Crystal Heating Pad Mat | Bio Amethyst & Ceramic Tourmaline | Far Infrared Heating Pads | Small Travel | Negative Ions | 108-Day




Material Tourmaline
Brand Sparkle Mats
Color Purple

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Product Description

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Sparkle Mat Helps Kelly on Her Healing and Spritual Journey

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Getting Started

What Does Han’s Meditations Have to Say About the Sparkle Mat?

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Pick the Right Sparkle Mat For You!


Portable Mat


Mini Mat


Full Size Mat


20 inches by 20 inches, 4.5 lbs


32 inches by 20 inches, 11 lbs


72 inches by 24 inches, 29 lbs


Perfect for the couch, your bed, office desk, or travel.


Perfect for the couch, your bed, or office desk.


Perfect fit for a massage table, and easily covers the size of a 6-foot tall man


2.7 lbs of amethyst crystal and 10 artisan tourmaline disks


4.5 lbs of amethyst crystal and 23 artisan tourmaline disks


13 lbs of amethyst crystal and 68 artisan tourmaline disks


1 coil with up to 3000 milligauss (mG)


2 coils with up to 3000 milligauss (mG)


6 coils with up to 3000 milligauss (mG)


4 photon lights at 660 nm with power of 5 mw per LED for a total of 20 watts


12 photon lights at 660 nm with power of 5 mw per LED for a total of 60 watts


12 photon lights at 660 nm with power of 5 mw per LED for a total of 60 watts

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(10 customer reviews)

10 reviews for Crystal Heating Pad Mat | Bio Amethyst & Ceramic Tourmaline | Far Infrared Heating Pads | Small Travel | Negative Ions | 108-Day

  1. Avatar

    Carol C. Fulton

    I have recently become more interested in the healing and calming effects of natural crystals. A world known motivational speaker and cancer thriver recommended having a bio mat in my arsenal to aid in self care on this journey. I ordered two sizes thinking I would send one back after seeing what size best suited my needs. I loved them so much, I ended up keeping them both. I have already submitted a review for the smaller sized mat. The medium sized mat is the perfect size for my stature and covers the areas I need addressed for pain in my shoulder, low back and hip. It has improved my ability to relax and has made a difference in the severity of pain I have experienced in these areas. This mat is designed to fold in half to fit the beautifully made storage case it comes with. What I love about this feature is that I can also use it in a chair to treat my back and hip while sitting at my desk, or watching TV. When using it like this, I can also use the smaller mat at the same time to work on the neuropathy in my feet. The amethyst crystals and infrared heat promote healing with the natural properties of the crystals. Having had major abdominal surgery earlier this year and now undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma, both of these mats are invaluable to me in my self care while dealing with this new journey I am now on.

  2. Avatar


    I’m on my path to become a Reiki and Sound Healing practitioner – I purchased the the full size mat as a gift to myself and my future clients. The set up and usability of the controller is super easy… the guide includes a QR code for an online quick setup video which doesn’t seem to exist any longer however the instructions in the guide are very easy to follow and apply. I’ve used the mat myself several times now and am so grateful for its healing and energetic/grounding properties… I’ve found that it also seems to deepen my meditative state which I appreciate. I love that it offers infrared which I’ve been getting nudges to explore. The carrying case is a beautiful bonus… super durable and will make it so much easier to share with others.

  3. Avatar

    Amazon Customer

    Love this Mat! It arrived on time and in great condition. Unpacking was a breeze. Easy to read instructional brochure made set up a snap. I was on it in 5 minutes and fell asleep quickly and with no pain! Woke myself up several times snoring!!! Lol. I was recently diagnosed with a serious and painful disease with which heat therapy is highly recommended. I would highly recommend this product !!!

  4. Avatar

    Ka Reen

    Got my mat delivered 1 day earlier than stated at time of order, so review is based on order & delivery. I have not tried it yet, but it’s all set up to try later today. Will provide further update as time goes on.Aesthetically, it’s a beautiful mat. Appears sturdy and easy to move around.

  5. Avatar

    A Reviewer

    I like this crystal heating pad mat, it has the ceramic tourmaline and bio amethyst embedded into it to provide extra healing and far infrared heating. You’d have to look it up, I can’t give a quick explanation. All I know is that I lay on it for about 25 -30 minutes with a pretty significant heat and I drift off to sleep. I shut it off of course before going to sleep. My point is that I rest during the night, and wake up less stiff and grumpy. I know it probably sounds all hokey, you would just have to try it. I learned of this type of healing from a massage therapist, she used one with everyone that came to her. Happy healing and happy sleeping.

  6. Avatar


    I really love this sparkle mat, and so does my husband even though it is not quite long enough to fit his height. We may need to get a schedule in place for sharing as it’s so popular.He uses it every day, and falls asleep on it. I love that there is a timer, so even if he falls asleep on it, there is nothing to worry about. It is heats very quickly, has an easy to use setting remote, and is also beautiful to look at.At first there were a few sharp crystals poking out, but I was easily able to massage them back into the mat.Overall this was a great buy, and I’m glad we took advantage of Prime day savings to get our new sparkle mat.

  7. Avatar


    I have been using the med size sparkle mat every night for 3 weeks for 1-2 hours. I had some chronic shoulder pain from doing chores that reduced noticibly over several days. Now it only hurts occasionally with the triggers on an especially challenging day.I also have been dealing with asthma on (pretty severe) and off for the last 4 years. I was on a severe spell with nightly asthma attacks, then the mat came in the mail, and immediatly saw improvement, have only had one asthma attack in the last three weeks. So I’m pretty happy with the mat. I was most interested in the infrared heat to sweat out toxic build up as I was suspicious from research that this was a root of my ailments. I am also using the mat while doing a parasite detox so more need for the sweating. I think the two together have been very helpful.The negative ion therapy is always on. I really like this feature and think this has also helped with the asthma. I believe this specific feature could also help with the epidemic of clotting that has mysteriously appeared since 2021.What I don’t like so much is the remote its not intuitive and the instructions are not very good. What I do like about the remote is it is a very simple design (not high tech) it does not have a digital screen and the buttons light up so you can adgust it in the dark.The mat is well made and I expect it to last.I would recommend it and am buying one for a sick relative. It is my favorite device in the house and I look forward to using it.

  8. Avatar

    Kathleen Guthrie

    Overall everything has been great but I have not had the mat that long. Hopefully it will continue to be great!

  9. Avatar

    A Black Sheep

    This is my second amethyst heating pad, first one from another manufacture. There are empty pockets in this mat and it is significantly lighter than my Healthy Line mat. I have had the Healthy Line mat for almost eleven years and it works as good as when i bought it. It only has heat, but the negative ion effects are much stronger than the sparkle mats negative ion effect.I would say the best feature of the Sparkle Mat is the pemf aspect. I have not given much use to the red light feature as the reported 660nm has the shallowest penetration in red light therapy, mostly staying at the dermis layer and best for wound healing and other surface needs, which I have no need for. I own three cold laser devices that do their job well.The placement of these lights doesn’t seem to correlate with any true use, in my opinion. Were these lights offering 880 nm or higher, then i would definitely use them. At 880nm, cold laser can effectively reduce inflammation in muscles , tendons, ligaments, even healing of damages in said tissues. But to be fair, the wavelength of the red lights on the sparkle mat are effective at quickening the healing of wounds at the skin level. I have not used them for this so cannot speak to their effectiveness.Similar to the seller, who is also the creator of this product, i am also a reiki master. The pemf on this mat can put one into a state similar to those reached during a reiki session. These are the best features, for me.I used this when it was getting close to time to put my eldest cat down. He had lung cancer. We had our deepest bond on the mat with just the heat and pemf. Thank you for that Sparkle Mat!Cold lasers (aka, red light therapy) are not to be used with those having cancer so i didn’t use. If anyone reading this review purchases this and has tendencies towards skin cancers, a history of cancer, be warned, RED LIGHT THERAPY IS NOT FOR YOU.I think there could have been more amethyst in this device and less empty spots. I also would have very much appreciated the free pad cover that was offered in the box, the one i responded to. That item never came and i purchased this through Amazon almost eleven months ago. For the best negative ion effect that any heating pad can have, the biomat is unparalleled. Healthy Line is second best for that feature.All features considered, this is good for the price but possibly not the best. I hope it lasts longer than the five year warranty, like my Healthy Line mat has.In colder times, i leave this out and my cats will go to this before they go to the pet specific heating pads around the apartment.

  10. Avatar


    I purchased my girlfriend a Sparkle Mat for Christmas and she loves it! She is a Reiki Master Practitioner and she cannot wait to share it with others. She opened it right up, plugged it in, read the instructions, and had a zen evening. She is enjoying all of the different modalities the mat has to offer. I cannot wait for her to let me use it!

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