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Color Therapy

Why Color Therapy?

Color Therapy, more widely known as Chromotherapy, is a long-used technique that involves the use of color in healing the body. Color Therapy has been around for at nearly 1,000 years. The theory is that our bodies “feed” off of certain colors within the visible spectrum of natural light. Through the use of our Color Therapy Glasses for 10-30 minutes each day, it is possible to positively impact and regulate your emotions.

Benefits of Color Therapy

Color Therapy is said to provide various benefits based on the color selected including: Increased relaxation, appetite suppression, increased happiness, higher confidence in speaking, and more. By wearing these Glasses for only 10-30 minutes per day, it is possible to experience their influence on your mood. Grab a pair and see the world in a new light!

WARNING: Wearing Color Therapy Glasses will alter your vision and may impair your ability to see traffic lights or other important visual cues. Do not wear Color Therapy Glasses while driving, operating heavy machinery, or any other hazardous activity. Do not wear for prolonged periods of time. Recommended use is 10-30 minutes per day. This product can be dangerous if used improperly. Use common sense at all times.

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10 reviews for Color Therapy Glasses 10 Pack | Light Therapy Glasses for Chromotherapy, Mood Enhancement, Chakra Healing | Colored Sunglasses

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    Not sure if they came with a warning label, but don’t wear some of these while driving such as the blue ones. Build quality is there and the visibility isn’t obstructed. What more could you ask for? Simple shades, simple review.

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    I bought some singles a few years ago from the same company and they are still fine. I returned to order the entire set a few weeks ago.I like how big the frames are (I wear them over my glasses). They did a great job on capturing the hues commonly used in chromatherapy – love the indigo. Love that the entire piece is colored, maximizing the color saturation and keeping it easy on the eyes adjusting.I use these with clients and my kids and I wear these on our daily walks… I highly recommend choosing some daily activity with your family/roommates where choosing the colors is fun and conversation-building.

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    Sherri K Look

    I got these to try to manage my mood. I suffer from fibromyalgia and it sucks. I wear these on my daily walks and use different colors depending on my mood and if its bright or cloudy out. I don’t know if they ” cure” anything, but I didn’t expect that. I expected something to keep me interested and distracted. Something for fun and to give me a new perspective on stuff. This worked well for that purpose. I do feel a bit calmer wasting the green, aqua and magenta. I tend to feel a little bit more energy with the orange or yellow. The other colors are just fun for a change of pace. I would think an artist may like these, they really let you see things differently and sometimes it’s totally fascinating like when looking at a pile of fallen leaves or looking at clouds. They are much sturdier than I anticipated, not cheap or flimsy looking. In fact you look pretty wicked with them on.

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    I had a doctor use these glasses on me and after going through all the colors and the benefits of all the colors I had to have them. The plastic isn’t flimsy. The colors are amazing and the price isnt too bad, considering there is more expensive options out there. I wish it would have come with a storage box. Other than that I would recommend these glasses for the price and the therapy purposes

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    I am pleased over all with the quality and glad I did chose your product. I am off of pharmaceuticals after 33 years and am doing exceptionally well on a strict medical cannabis program, but I still must work hard to thrive, such as it is.I have always been very susceptible to colors and have wanted to try Chromotherapy for some time now. I finally could afford these glasses and am thrilled with how they aid my meditation and mood control.Red: Saturation is excellent, wish they were a little less orange, a little more ruby, but I say these critiques knowing how subjective this is.Orange: Saturation 7 out of 10, would love a little more.Yellow: Saturation 9 out of 10. Great tone!Green: These were key for me and I would say 6 out of 10 on the saturation, maybe a little less blue.Aqua: Saturation 8 out of 10. Love this color.Blue: Saturation 9.5. Love them. But see pic on how I display. I can not figure out why they won’t sit like the others! LolIndigo: I have Purple Problems so these two were key. Saturation 5 out of 10 and not at all blue enough for my tastes.Violet: Saturation 9 out of 10. Lovely shade!Magenta: Saturation Zowie! These are a surprise favorites!Rose: Saturation 6 out of 10. Love the shade though!The ones with lower saturation serve their purpose as they are so well made and stylish I can wear them out. However, for actual therapy and meditation, I would love to know if you ever make changes to the levels and tints of your wonderful glasses. I would only say, try them all! The ones you think you may have an aversion to may just be the ones that fill your need!(In the photo, they are laid out in acrylic boxes that bolt together to form a display which I bought on Amazon, but I liked being able to grab a tray!)I will continue to answer publicly on my progress and recommend you to any who inquire. Thank you for you time and consideration,of my rambling reply. That will teach you to ask a bipolar writer an open question, automated or not!Peace to you and your family!

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    Sierra Hunt

    Good glasses, missing one in the set. Magenta is the main one I wanted and its missing. Having to send them all back and get a whole new set.

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    Dennis Howard

    These glasses are great and fun.

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    All the diffrent colors are really fun and can change your mood.

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    Amazon Customer

    i wear the orange, like the way everything looks, especially in the winter, looks bright outside!these GLO FX has a small card, that let’s you know, what color is for what… if you have a printer, i suggest that you print out the what is on the page…

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    Claire C. Balls

    My sister recommended that I use Color Therapy glasses. I ordered them from Amazon. They came the next day, and I have been very pleased with the quality of the glasses. I have Macular Degeneration and need help with my eyes. Eye doctors in Utah where my sister lives recommended the use of these glasses to help with the retina and other reasons.

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