By Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Your Life (10th Anniversary Edition) (1994-08-16) [Hardcover]




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10 reviews for By Louise L. Hay – You Can Heal Your Life (10th Anniversary Edition) (1994-08-16) [Hardcover]

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    There was a French stop-smoking book that I read about 20 years ago that was written by a pair of hypnotists and completely cured me of being a smoker, which I had been since age 15 and for half my life at that point, within about 10 days. Ever since that experience I have wanted a book dominate to that one to help cure me of other problems. This book may be the one I’m looking for, as it shares some of what I see as the essential qualities of that book. I have only just finished it but I will follow its advice completely and update you. It was a pleasure to read and to do, and fascinating. It is a book that you do, so be prepared to take a lot of action, although nothing unmanageable at all.

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    It seems as only the narcissistics invest in loving themselves – but that’s not the reason they ARE naricisstic (it’s due their warped values). The point is – we all need to learn to actively love ourselves – warts n’ all. The problem we are essentially TRAINED to NOT love ourselves – and that is a true crime with real repurcussions (in our health, relationships, what we’re able to accomplish, etc.). Lousise Hay’s journey – her return to love despite a tragic upbringing – shows that fully loving yourself in a healthy way IS possible – and likely the most important thing a person can learn (and the sooner the better).

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    This book was a great read and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to start healing within.

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    Such a great book. Has a lot of great information and easy accesses to find what you are looking for. Very well written easy read!

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    Desi Musgrove

    I don’t know if you buy into this but it was a very interesting read. There were lots of good ideas and thoughts. I think there is definitely a connection between body and mind. It does seem to help if I use some of her guides to use positive ideas and language when I find I’m having issues with certain parts of my body. I think there is something to it. You could get this just for those types of guides but reading through the book can also be very helpful and a good way to see how we think and ways we can change.

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    Jessica A Butzer

    This books open my eyes to why my body hurts. It was very encouraging and enlightening to read. This book was recommended to me by a friend who had lost a child and she read it and it totally changed her mind, heart and how to look at your life. I felt the same on how I need take charge of my own body. Great read

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    Very interesting. Each chapter features info

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    This book and author, to some, may seem a little ooo-ooo.Take a chance and read this wonderful book by Louise. What I did was consider how my outlook on my illnesses and recent knee replacement was holding me back. Was I being negative? Oh heck yes! Am I fully healed, no, but my head was telling me one thing and my heart another. I choose to follow my heart and belief that there is always room to grow.For my knee, the book tells me that I was being stubborn about getting better; using my knee and working the PT prescribed and letting go of preconceived notions about my capacity to heal is falling away.It’s a path; I will always continue to improve, I know this now.Thank you Hay Foundation for keeping her work and words alive.

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    John S. Oliver

    This book is packed with valuable insights and exercises that are the essence of the teachings from a pioneer in the field of healing.Between the covers of this book, there is a depth and width of wisdom that I had never encountered in any other book.Here are the distilled lessons and gems from the decades of work Louise Hay did with untold numbers of individuals and groups. The best books by many writers are a simple summary of what they learned and taught for decades.Each of us experiences mental, emotional, and/or physical traumas at some time in our life. Then when those pains are not processed they are often stored in the body. Each kind of hurt is stored in a different part of the body as this book explains. Then besides indicating the likely causes of the ailments Louise Hay has a simple affirmation she recommends for medicating that trouble.At first, I felt was too weird. But as I quietly considered what she offered I found it to be on target.I am a senior citizen with all kinds of minor aches and pains that come and go each year. What has helped me has been to refer to this book when a part of my body is in discomfort. Then most of the time I found that the problem and solution were correct. Then I write that on an index card and post it by my workstation to see it repeatedly. I use the insight and affirmation to adjust my thinking and feeling. The trouble dissolves faster this way than to bumping along in ignorance.Maybe you are overly busy with little time and energy to read a book. Then I exhort you to buy this book and read Chapter 14 from pages 123 to 142. Those few pages could radically transform how you perceive life. Then when you are finished with that chapter look up the health challenges or pains you have in Chapter 15. I believe you will be shocked and amazed.Chapter 15 can help a parent, counselor, therapist, doctor, nurse, or pastor better understand what might be the root causes and helpful mind shifts for those under their care.You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

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    No Face

    Its a beautiful book, the type of things she loves to read about. It was meant as a simple gift, but I love the fact that she has kept it with her other books. This means it must’ve been a great-enough read not to get lost in oblivion!

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