432HZ 7-12 Inch Set Of 7 Pcs Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls With 2 Pcs Carrying Case bag Sound Healing




Color 7”-12” white
Brand CVNC
Material Rubber
Body Material crystal
Included Components Case

  • Our quartz crystal singing bowls set have amazing, clear, deep, and rich vibrational resonance with the power to sound heal. The quartz crystal singing bowl is excellent for meditation and sound healing
  • Crystal Singing Bowl Set– 432HZ crystal singing bowl*7(12″C 11″D 10″E 9″F 7″G 8″A 7″B), Padded case bag*2, Suede Stick*2, Rubber Mallet*2, O-ring*7
  • We have our own factory, we have many professional technologists and production capacity. The quartz crystal singing bowl is selected one by one before leaving our factory. We can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our quartz singing bowl
  • Gorgeous in your home, glowing with light, this beautiful instrument is an asset to any environment! If you have any questions or request please fell free to let us know ,we will solve it for you ASAP and try our best to let you satisfy
  • You will truly fall in love with this incredible healing tool. We will try our best to guarantee that there will be no damaged or lost bowls during transportation. If there is any damage or missing during the transportation, we will replace it by free to you

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10 reviews for 432HZ 7-12 Inch Set Of 7 Pcs Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls With 2 Pcs Carrying Case bag Sound Healing

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    Michel Grotstein

    These bowls are beautiful!I am a complete novice and haven’t tried to play them yet but am familiar as a friend let me try hers so kind of know what to do.They are beautifully packaged.They come with padded liners so are well protected. The only thing I did because I can be a real fumble- fingers was put the two largest bowls in nylon totes with carry handles to make it easier to lift them out of their bags. I love that the zippers are dual and are covered with a Velcro flap closure and the handles have the wrap for the bag straps. The bowls feel sturdy and everything promised was enclosed. The mallets have lovely wooden handles and the suede ones are quality too.The price for this set was affordable for me and I hope to learn to play these bowls soon.I even love the bags! Purple-my favorite color.Update from 5/23/23:Played bowls yesterday and am so happy. They all “sing” beautifully with both type strikers. My photo is shown with the largest bag in my own tote bag with handles. I’m 72 and don’t have the strength and dexterity I used to do this is just an added tool that helps.I wanted to mention that the outer box was clearly marked “fragile” in an extra- thick cardboard box and the interior boxes were well- padded. I was a little worried about the shipping since I live in Hawaii and have had some “interesting” experiences with things shipped here.This company obviously respects it’s product and packages it accordingly.

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    They were packaged extra safe it took me 20 minutes to get them out of the wrapping. They’re beautiful and sound amazing. Do it.

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    The sound is amazing ! Vary deep and clear. I got the ones with the chakra symbols. The carrying case is nice and should protect them well.

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    Dylan A

     This product was well packaged, not one crack or ding in any of the bowls. It also came with this little paper of a quality check they must do before shipping cause WOW, they sound absolutely amazing. I split the set across three people for Christmas and I’m getting reports back from everyone that these bowls help with breathing, tummy troubles, mood, and energy levels. I sat and experienced this first hand the other day with my friend and was blown away. Those days where I feel “off” And can’t figure out why I was in a bad mood was completely reverse by maybe around a 5 minute session with 4 of the 7 bowls. (The other three were split up and sent to other friends) I was amazed, my energy felt like I took a shot of espresso and my funk and mood were now giggly and excited. I can’t explain it. You wont be disappointed by this purchase.

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    These singing bowls are absolutely gorgeous and sound and play great for the price. They are in tune with each other and are a great set for a beginner or someone just needing a solid set of singing bowls around. They were packaged with extreme care (it took me about 10-15 minutes just to get them out of the packaging) and they arrived very quickly. I am very pleased with this set and would definitely recommend it!

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    Melissa Brenske

     I was pleasantly surprised about the quality of these bowls and their carrying cases! The bowls nest within one another with some black padding and styrofoam squares, which makes travelling a breeze. I much prefer using the wooden mallets over the other ones, but it’s nice that they provide both sets.When I received it, I was scared that the damaged delivery box meant that the bowls were broken (last two pictures). Thankfully neither the cases nor the bowls were damaged. To me this says they must be durable!I was surprised that the G bowl was smaller than the A bowl. It’s a bit tricky to play without it wobbling off of the ring that it sits on. This isn’t a deal breaker, but a small detail that some people might be annoyed with.They are in tune relative to A= 435hz, which isn’t exactly what I wanted. Though I am happy that they are all consistently in tune with each other (screenshots of tuning app). I’ve played with them for about a week and they have a beautiful crisp sound (the video doesn’t do it justice).Overall, I’m satisfied with these crystal bowls. I recommend this for anyone wishing to find a reliable, beginner set.

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    Just 2 of the bowls are gritty and I can tell have a lot of sand. Otherwise, these are very nice for my first set.

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    Kim Albeck

    Absolutely Great value! Quality and Sound is Nice. I LOVE the carry cases that they come with. Even enough room to store my round Mandela tapestry and incense for on the go trips.

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    Excelente producto
    me llego en excelentes condiciones y tiene un sonido hermoso, llego en tiempo y forma sin retrasos llego un poco antes de lo esperado

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    Totalmente satisfecha
    Me encanto que llegaron mucho antes de lo establecido, que no llegaron con ningún daño, el material y calidad de las.fundas, además que los cuencos corresponden a las imágenes y el sonido ni se diga, totalmente confiable

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