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  • PERSONAL SAUNA LUXURY: 1Love portable home saunas are perfect for home and professional use. These can be easily stored and used wherever you please. Our far infrared home sauna pod uses a standard 110V outlet for ease of use and energy efficiency. A Personal sauna plays a vital role in the daily routine of a healthy lifestyle.
  • RAPID PREHEAT TIME: You can enjoy the amazing benefits of a sauna with as little preheat time as 5-10 minutes. The days of wasting time and money driving to a spa for a traditional sauna are over.
  • HIGHEST MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE: Our personal saunas are built to be the highest quality and temperature on the market. 194 degrees Fahrenheit maximum intensity.
  • NEAR-ZERO EMFS: Overall Average EMFs = 0.148 mG. If other sauna companies do not list their tested EMF levels, be very cautious! It is important to note that no infrared saunas can be truly 0.00 EMF! We come as close to this as possible to ensure you one of the safest infrared saunas for home and commercial use.
  • 3 ZONE CONTROL: This dry infrared sauna has 3 independently controlled heating zones, surrounding your entire body for full exposure and the deepest absorption.
  • THERAPEUTIC STONES: Germanium and Tourmaline stones. These stones enhance the far infrared intensity and release beneficial negative ions. This makes for one of the best infrared saunas for home.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: Every sauna tested for 4 hours with 6 additional levels of technical inspection. 1 year full warranty, limited lifetime warranty with every sauna.

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Product Description

Portable far infrared sauna dome

lady sweating in a portable far infrared sauna dome

older lady laying down using a sauna dome for pain

man laying down in a personal sauna

High quality far infrared sauna

Far Infrared Element Zero EMF Carbon Fiber
Infrared Wavelength 4-15um
Timer Setting 5-60 minutes, with gentle beep when complete
Max Far Infrared Intensity 194 Fahrenheit
Sauna Dimensions 32″ x 18″ x 72″
Max User Height 6′ 6″ or less for full coverage
Max Body Circumference 58″ – 62″ including arms

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10 reviews for 1Love Near Zero EMF Far Infrared Sauna Dome | Personal Sauna for Home | 1 Person Infrared Sauna with Therapeutic Stones | Dry

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    Gabrielle Martin

    So far, so good!I’m going to provide a somewhat detailed review on the 1Love Sauna because I want to share my experience, so others can make informed decisions on what I consider a investment in myself.I decided to get a personal sauna in order to detox after suffering from cancer and losing my reproductive organs this last year, plus for weight loss from being sick and the hormone imbalance it caused, and the aches, pains, and inflammation that it causes, and for relaxation and self care…for all of the above…and then some…heck we all need that.The sauna arrived sooner than I thought it would, everything was as it was supposed to be, and It weighed less than I thought it would. I have to say that I am very impressed with the quality of the product. It is always a crapshoot when it comes to quality when ordering off of amazon. But, I was very pleased when I received the sauna. It is sturdy, the seams are great, the materials, fabric, and fabrication are quality, stable, and texturally comfortable.Here are some of the initial reasons I chose the 1Love Sauna Dome over the other personal saunas that I looked at, which there are quite a few varieties.-Because it has infrared therapy – In my research to help me alleviate some of my ailments and symptoms, I found that infrared therapy penetrates below the skin layers and has many healing properties. I really like that aspect, and the fact that it isn’t just a heat sauna.-The fact that it lays down – I looked at the sitting up, boxy kind, but those looked too bulky, flimsy, and too short to me (6ft tall), and I didn’t like the thought of sitting on a cheap plastic chair while sweat drips down my back side. Laying down seems the best way to relax for me while I let the heat and infrared work its magic on my broken body.-I liked how you can slide the dome up and down in order to get in and out of it.-I liked that it can be plugged into a regular outlet.-The price was good compared to others I looked at.-I have limited space, so I love that I can fold it up and store it easily.-I liked the color.-I liked that the dome goes around me and doesn’t touch my skin.-I hate breathing hot air in saunas and get too hot when I do, so I love that I can stick my head out.When I first got it, I was so excited to use it that I layed in it for 20 minutes thinking it wasn’t that great before I realized that my genius self forgot to push the start button…haha! Once I pushed the start button, it was just a couple of minutes before it got hot. I was worried that I might not fit in it because I am 6ft tall and curvy, being 52in around in my chest and slightly less in my luscious belly, and curvy hips. Length wise I fit fine with room to spare, and my girls didn’t even touch the roof of the dome. My shoulders did slightly touch the sides because my Viking ancestors bred with Amazons, then decided to have daughters that could throw bails of hay onto moving trucks…AKA…I’m a broad broad. It wasn’t uncomfortable though, so I don’t mind. I thought it might get too hot on my skin that it was touching, but it didn’t, and I tested the dome with my hand while I was laying in it to see if touching the skin would burn me, but it didn’t. It has a nice velvety feel to it, actually. So smooth.I managed to do 30 minutes the first time (in defense of my ability to stick things out, I think that was pretty good considering I did lay there like an idiot for 20 minutes accomplishing nothing but identifying that I can put off some serious body heat if put in the right situations). I do it naked now, but the first time I wore underware and a sports bra. Thank God I layed a towel down because I sweat so much. Even my knuckles were sweaty, which gives you an idea what the more obviously sweaty parts of my body were doing. I drank a whole flask of water right beforehand. Don’t forget to hydrate!!!!! When I was done, it was easy to get out of it. I like that the curtain is velcro and comes on and off easily. I was a little light headed from laying down in the heat, then sitting straight up, but I quickly drank another flask full of water, and did the polar bear challenge in my freezing cold shower. My Vicking ancestors were probably rolling in their graves to hear the little girl screams that invoked. My skin stayed red for about 30 minutes after that, and my body felt like putty (in a good way) until I passed out hard, and slept like a baby all night.I’ve used it every night since then, and I LOVE IT! I’m up to 45 minutes now, like the Amazon Viking I knew was in there all along. There are too many little changes in my body, and too soon to notice any real changes, that it would be too much to explain everything I feel at this point, but I do have an overall sense of feeling better, and more relaxed. I have lost 5lbs this last week, so there is that….though I’m pretty sure it was all knuckle weight.If you are thinking about getting this – for whatever reason, even if you just need a warm place to hang out…I highly suggest it. I’ll even come back in a few months or so (if I remember) to update on my progress because I am awesome like that.*I’m adding a photo to show how nice it is, and how it fits easily on my floor. Yes, my hair is green…your eyes are not playing tricks on you. 🙂

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    Anyone who has ever done hot yoga knows that the very best part is the end of the session where you are lying on your back, completely drenched in sweat, deeply relaxed in the savasana resting pose… it is absolute heaven. This is how I have felt every day using my sauna dome.First off I love to sauna and have always wanted one in my home. I imagined getting a large traditional upright one, but aside from the much higher price tag, I simply had no space on my home to keep it. The sauna dome totally solved that problem. The size is perfect, and I also didn’t realize how much more I would enjoy lying down! I have done a bit of research about the health benefits of far infrared technology and have been intrigued yet skeptical. I have been using the product almost every day for the last three weeks and want to share my experience…Weight loss… yes, I sweat buckets of water using this thing (which I replace with drinking lots of water) but I’ve also shed a few actual pounds of fat. I read somewhere that 30 minutes of far infrared sauna increases your heart rate and can burn 600 calories. I’m not certain whether or not that is true, but I will tell you this… after a good, hot, detoxifying sweat, I feel so clean and pure and amazing that I’ve had little desire to put toxic crap back into my body. Without even meaning to diet, I am finding myself eating sooo much cleaner.Energy… one might think 30 minutes in that thing would relax you, but also leave you completely drained. I have found the opposite to be true. After a morning sauna I feel incredibly relaxed, but also absolutely amazing and I seem to have MUCH more energy than my normal sluggish self… enough to sustain me throughout the day. I have also noticed I am sleeping better at night. I used to wake up at 2-3am every night feeling feverish (I suspect menopause). In the last three weeks I think I’ve only woken up a couple times total… this is huge for me.My skin… holy cow my skin feels so amazing that I can’t stop touching my baby soft face!!! I live in a dry desert climate. Winter is especially harsh… my hair, skin, nails all feel so dry and it makes me feel old and withered. The best moment in the sauna is that moment when your body starts to tingle and you know you have just broken a sweat. It is then I love to pull the dome right over my head and completely enclose myself so my face can feel the full effect as well (if I feel too hot I pop my head right back out into the nice cool air). The end result of all that sweating is my skin is so. damn. happy… It’s radiant! It’s glowing! If this were the one and only benefit of the sauna, that alone would have been worth it to me.Germanium & Tourmaline Energy Stones… my model is lined with stones. I am fascinated by the healing properties of stones and crystals, and have a nice collection of rocks and crystals that I have found myself drawn to. Although I don’t fully understand how they work (or if they are all that they claim to be), I do like the fact that they are incorporated in my sauna. From everything I’ve read on geranium and tourmaline its pretty rad stuff and I personally think it makes this sauna extra special.Other health benefits… I’ve read of other healing benefits, as well as it strengthening my immune system… especially in regards to the infrared technology that has the ability to penetrate deep within my body. I can’t make any claims in that department (I am very healthy and rarely get sick), but it does make sense it could greatly help. I know the body reacts to fever by increasing the production of antibodies and firing up the white blood cells. I have a friend who had been suffering with lupus for over 10 years until she flew to a center in Germany where she had a 20k treatment done in which her body was heated to temperatures high enough to destroy her disease… she came home symptom free and three years later still believes to be cured. I believe it was Hippocrates who said… Give me a fever, and I can cure any disease. Anyhow, I am no doctor or scientist, but I do feel like sauna may have many healing benefits beyond our understanding.Overall I am VERY happy with this purchase. I have zero regrets. And I can honestly say I think you all should get one if you can. I want everyone to partake. The world would be a better, happier, healthier, more peaceful place to live if every home was equipped with a 1love Sauna Dome.

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    amanda grimes

    I could not wait to get my infared sauna! Super excited for the health benefits of sauna including detoxing, skin and weightloss! My sauna was very easy to set up and start using. It is easy to cover the mat with a towel, slide the large dome, then slide in, pull dome back up and seal the curtain with my head sticking out. It heats up quickly and is very comfortable and relaxing. I’ve been using it about 3 times a week around 61゚C for about 35 minutes. I am not a person that usually sweats a lot so I was very surprised at how much I sweat in the sauna! I usually have my earbuds in and listen to a guided meditation or music or a Podcast during my self care time! After the timer ends on the sauna I lay there for at least 5 minutes and cool down and then I take a warm shower and wash my skin with a loofa sponge to wash away the sweat and toxins. So pleased and thankful for this purchase! Also.. after I purchased but before delivery, I reached out to the company and they responded very quickly and kindly about my questions about delivery.

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    Marque Melita

    I bought this back in January of 22’ and I use it religiously. About a month ago the wire to the main control box came undone and I was worried about calling customer care as anyone would be these days. Called up didn’t get any automated answering response, rang once went right to a person, told him my issue and he looked up my Amazon order and sent me a brand new control box and power cord at no cost took less than 6 minutes on the phone and got the order confirmation email while on the phone. The Sauna is a 100% must buy, it’s light weight, easy for moving, provides a solid intense amount of heat, very safe and just all around a great piece of American manufacturing. Go get yourself one and be assured that they will back up their product with awesome customer care

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    Amazon Customer

    I’ve been searching for a home infrared sauna for months. I wanted something space efficient, easy to assemble and quality without being too pricey. Also, I didn’t want to worry about EMFs. This sauna met all of my needs. At first I was concerned about being in a dome as I get anxious in tight spaces. However it wasn’t an issue. The option to have my head outside of the unit allowed me to have longer sessions than the chamber style saunas. The only issue was the curtain. Any slight move and it falls down. So I just use the curtain for the warm up then drape a thick towel over the opening once I’m in. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me. When I’m done, it looks like a stylish table in my bedroom. No one knows what it is until I tell them lol.

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    It definitely makes you sweat, so mission accomplished. My biggest complaint is the curtain to keep heat in. It connects with the weakest magnets and falls out of place with any slight movements. It’s infuriating. Second is the lack of a pull chord, or handle inside to slide it over and back while using. These gripes aside, it work’s fantastic.

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    Jolene Krieps

    I researched so much before making this purchase. I wanted a sauna with low EMF and comfort. I was looking at a few zip up models. I was worried about zippers breaking, etc. I came across this and it seemed perfect. You get to lay down, your head stays out so it doesn’t get your head so hot, and low EMFs. It’s easy to set up and control all the different temperatures. I personally like it on high for as long as I can handle it. You can always punch the top section down for a mini break if you need to. I had a problem with one of my cords and the replaced it right away which was great. The One Love company seems to have an awesome mission as a company that I fully can get behind. I’m happy with my purchase and so is everyone who I have let try it out, For a home sauna situation that is portable and has great health benefits, I recommend it.

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    I don’t usually write reviews unless the product is terrible or incredible. This product is incredible! If you’re on the fence about purchasing it, just buy it!, you won’t be disappointed!90 days of use 4-5 times a week and going strong. The unit is sturdy and well constructed. The half domes are rigid but not too heavy. The mat and outer coverings are high quality and easy to clean. The control unit is industrial strength as are the wires and connectors. The heat is even and fast I am a lover of traditional saunas, but do not have one in my house. I am tempered to say that I almost like this IR sauna more than the traditional sauna for daily use.Other reviews about putting down a towel, ease of cleaning are all spot on.I use the sauna,I unplug it, put it to the side and set it up the next morning, and it’s incredibly convenient.

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    Dana L

    Yes I still use my dome sauna after over two years probably an average of 4 times per week for between 40-60 mins. I absolutely love it. I have had a 3 person sunlighten sauna and a smaller wood sauna – both were nice and expensive but I love laying in the dome and keeping my head out. Frankly I often keep my arms out too and prop my computer up overhead and work while in my sauna. I am writing because after MUCH love, I pulled too hard for too long and one of the cords (that connects the bottom matt to the controls) came unhooked and I can’t reconnect the wire. Can I order a replacement part ASAP – Im suffering withdrawal!!!

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    T. Giovanetti

    I am very pleased with this. It works great and was easy to assemble. We use it daily.

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