What Is Frequency Healing and How to Use It Every Day?

Learn what frequency healing is and how you can apply it to your everyday health and well being pursuits.
What Is Frequency Healing and How to Use It Every Day?
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“Everything that exists in the universe has a frequency. That’s right, everything has its own vibration. We could even say that everything has a song or a melody, depending on who’s the listener. Now, we don’t hear it the way we hear birds chirping, the wind blowing, or the river water running. Sometimes, it is way beyond the pulsating sound of nature that surrounds us, no matter how far.

It was a couple of years ago that I stumbled upon a video where one user was sharing all kinds of space-related content and news. In one of their videos, they listed some of the planets in our solar system and played their frequency for the listeners to hear. And without any sort of context as to what that’ll do, the sounds made me feel, well, something. It was an official soundtrack to the movie known as our neighboring planets, including our own.

It was like when you hear a very pleasing song or chorus that makes your back all tingly. Or when a vocal note “scratches your brain” just right. I couldn’t explain the feeling in words, so naturally, I started digging. And instead of researching planetal sounds, I wanted to know more about frequency itself, and why some frequencies feel and sound so damn good.

After all, we already know that music moves us in more ways than one. When we listen to the right song, it is the production and lyrics that tackle our emotions, which often result in mood changes such as sadness, being grateful, or even plain crying. I wanted to know more about this sound healing phenomenon.

But when we boil traditional music down to its frequencies, this blog is all the answers I found about the fantastic meditation hertz.

What is a Frequency?

In classically scientific terms, frequency depicts a number of waves that circle around a specific object in a certain amount of time. For example, if one wave needs around ½ of a second to pass that object, the frequency would be 2 per second.

Furthermore, the main measurement for frequency is their frequency, named after the 19th-century German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, who was known for successfully proving the presence of electromagnetic waves.

To translate this to the average Joe English, if you by any chance remember the soul-wrenching movie Pitch-perfect, you’d understand that a pitch is the categorization of frequencies, as we humans roughly hear from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. That means the synchronization of harmonies can equal a specific frequency, just like acapella singing, for example.

How do Frequencies heal?

Now it is exactly within some of those Hz metrics that specific healing tones are used to remedy conditions such as anxiety, immersive fear, chronic fight or flight body responses, stress, chronic headaches, insomnia, menstrual cramps and so much more.

This would be no Western medicine trope, as the core of sound healing relies not on what we usually practice. However, it was for centuries some of our ancestors have been using the wonders of sound to try to heal certain physical and psychological wounds. And the more we’ve learned about frequency and sound, the more diversely we could begin to use it for our everyday life and minor stressors such as work, school, love and relationships, and negative energy overall.

This sound therapy originates from Eastern and holistic medicines, as it promotes mindfulness and a calmer state of mind. In such a state, it is much easier for a complex organism such as a human being to deal with life and remain healthy, as the body and mind are in perfect harmony. Or at least they should be.

What Is Frequency Healing and How to Use It Every Day?

To put things into perspective, certain frequencies (that will be listed below) are used to merely manipulate human brainwaves or to reprogram unhealthy “codes” in order to improve the mind and body’s functions. In theory, it all begins with the mind, whose principles regulate the rest of our being.

This isn’t just some conspiracy theory crap taken out of context from some ancient and mystical book. For centuries scientists have researched the impact frequencies have on the human mind, even on the brain’s sole activity.

This practice, often referred to as “Music of the Gods”, can be traced back all the way to ancient Greece, where its studies have been linked to both medicine and theology through the God Apollon; An Olympian god of prophecy, oracles, music, and song.

In other words, when energy that you absorb makes your mind or body out of balance, it is these exact frequencies that can drive things back into harmony.

So, what are these solfeggio harmonies all about?

The 9 Solfeggio healing Frequencies and their Benefits

If you’ve ever encountered Ambiental music playlists on YouTube or Spotify, you must have seen some at first glance random numbers thrown together with the word “meditation”.

I can assure you that those numbers are not so much random, as they are very specific hertz measurements for precise healing frequencies. So, here is a very sleek sound-frequency healing chart you might find helpful for your everyday life.

40 Hz

I remember hearing about this one and being a little scared. I was told to stay away from lower frequencies due to my tendency to fall into depressive episodes, followed by waves of anxiety.

But having a sound set at 40 hertz stimulates gamma brain waves, as well as the brain’s memory patterns. This hertz number is known to be used in treating illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and early symptoms of dementia. Here is where you can take a listen to get to know this memory-boosting sound.

174 Hz

The 174 Hz frequency is one of the first Solfeggio frequencies that is very known in alternative medicine. Its biggest talent is being known as a meditative pain killer.

It is usually used in meditations aimed to relieve bodily pain and even stress. Both mentally and physically. To test this frequency’s claims, you can take a listen here. Personally, I love 174 Hz frequency benefits, as I use this one when my sinuses are acting up, and when I feel that my stress levels are skyrocketing. Especially useful right before bed!

285 Hz

The 285-hertz frequency, another one of Solfeggio’s nine, is often used for mediation therapy to heal open wounds such as cuts and scratches. It stimulates cell regeneration and promotes the body’s natural ability to heal itself over time.

In other words, it regenerates and drives the body to aid itself in the midst of a physical injury. If you care to take a listen, please try this playlist out.

396 Hz

This specific sound aims to aid emotions. It is usually used to lower extreme feelings of fear and guilt, which can be very limiting for most folks who experience these on a daily basis.

This Solfeggio frequency positively awakens the root chakrashifting negative emotions into positive and even joyful ones. This playlist is where you can hear this sound for yourself.

417 Hz

Steering away from physical treatment a tad more, the treatments including the 417 Hz frequency are usually used for the removal of past traumas and negative energy sources. This sound is especially beneficial for folks who carry a lot of weight on their shoulders and chest or have had terrible experiences that have led their bodies and minds into an everlasting survival mode.

This frequency is specifically used to break emotional blockages, sometimes resulting in crying or even laughing episodes, where negative energy is being released from the body. You can take a listen here.

432 Hz

This solfeggio sound is aimed to accommodate the heart chakra, which is often blocked by immense grief. The 432 frequency is used for both spiritual and emotional clarity.

It promotes this idea of still water, meaning no storms, moss, or boiling temperatures to stand in the way of clear and blue waters, which only promotes clear-minded thinking. To take a listen, give this playlist a try.

440 Hz

During the 19th century, there were continuous discussions all over the Western world to standardize sound and music. The main frequency kept deviating from 417 to 470 Hz.

Back when Mozart was alive and breathing, all instruments were specifically crafted and tuned at a frequency of 432 Hz. Things started to shift in the early 1900s when J.C. Deagan used his money-motivated associations to adjust the music industry to 440 Hz.

In 1935, The Rockefeller Foundation was very interested in embracing the 440 Hz frequency as a mass brainwashing “war on consciousness”. Four years later, in 1939 Nazi Germany, the very hated Frank Goebels decided that all mainstream music should be at a 440 Hz frequency, as he believed that frequency could control the masses. The 440 Hz frequency was marked as “Satan’s tone” or “The Luciferian frequency” ever since, even infiltrating the music that we listen to today.

528 Hz

The 528 Hz sound is more known as the Miracle Tone, or love frequency, as it miraculously promotes self, and even romantic love. This frequency is a tad more special from the rest, as it has been used to carry out blessings way before history started to be written down.

According to Gregorian chants, the 528 Hz tuned chants promote and influence the human DNA to absorb more light, as the 528 Hz sound is the frequency at which Earth itself vibrates. You can take a listen here.

639 Hz

This sound is also a great influence on the heart chakra, as it promotes more positive thinking and communication. The 639 Hz frequency benefits are striving for harmonious thoughts and relationships, which can only lead to a greater state of clarity. You can take a listen here.

852 Hz

Stepping out of the heart and into the mind, the 852 Hz frequency is responsible for preventing intrusive thoughts, negative mindsets, and even harmful thought patterns. This specific sound is extremely beneficial to folks who struggle with depression and anxiety. To give this one a listen, please play this playlist.

963 Hz

More known as the frequency of the Gods, one of the 963 Hz frequency benefits is promoting oneness and alignment with your own self, as well as the universe. It activates the strive to be connected to the nature and people around us, as we are all small parts of one extensive system that pulsates. To give this one a listen, please click here.

Some of these solfeggio chakra frequencies can genuinely help improve your day and overall mental and physical health.

Can sound really heal?

In the past decade or so, centuries worth of holistic medicine, including sound therapy and healing music tones have been scientifically researched and tested.

Sound therapy or the sheer connection between healing and frequencies has gone on between the walls of Catholic churches way before our time. But the story didn’t begin there, as the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras led a cult that firmly believed in healing sounds all the way in ancient Greece.

Believe it or not, the average human body has a natural frequency of 65 – 75 Hz. Healing frequencies of the human body are genuinely real because everything has a frequency around it. You, me, or anyone who is alive right now, are naturally vibrating in that hertz range. But when you introduce the human body and expose it to much higher frequencies, the body is stimulated to regenerate and heal itself.

It has already been proven that low frequencies negatively affect the human body, which only means that high frequencies do the exact opposite.

The music industry today

I bet you didn’t know that most of the music we consume on a daily basis is trapped within that 440 Hz frequency ever since the middle of the 20th century. We all know that music can influence our brain’s activities and awaken dopamine, for example. But can these Billboard chart-topping songs negatively affect us as well? And if so, what do we listen to?

“One of the main findings was that genres such as hip-hop, rock, pop, and electronic music had louder low frequencies (up to 150 Hz) than genres such as jazz and folk music.”

It is also noted that there is a big difference between low and high-vibrational music. The Weeknd, the Canadian pop singer, and rapper, for example, produces very low vibrational music. Joining him, are pop singer Billie Eilish, rapper Machine Gun Kelly, as well as singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey.

Some higher vibrational examples would be Bob Marley, Harry Styles, and the band Empire of the Sun.

What Is Frequency Healing and How to Use It Every Day?

Now, this is not to say all of their music is either one or the other, but rather their usual sound. For a more audial example, please check out this high vibrational playlist on Spotify, versus this low vibrational one. Some sound healing meditations are definitely more beneficial than others, so perhaps we must pay attention to what we sonically consume on a daily basis.


You don’t have to be a spiritual person in order to dive into the world of higher frequencies and mindfulness. As a matter of fact, most doctors and therapists would recommend regular meditation, which can help regulate stress, unhealthy habits, and negative thoughts.

Incorporating this so-called sound therapy can only heighten the effect of calmness on the mind and body, and can even help you sleep better at night. You can play some of these in the shower, on a walk, during stretching, cooking, and even while reading or writing.

It genuinely helps keep focus untouched, and the mind clear. As someone who is naturally very easily distracted, anxious, and not too spiritual, I play these tunes every day, as I’ve seen the effect they’ve had on me.

Now whether that’s a placebo effect or not, I’m not too worried because I know when you truly believe something, it’s already halfway true. Remember, the mind is the most powerful tool you may even have control over, so feed it the best way you possibly can.”


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