Music Production: Retune to 432hz and Make Binaural Beats

Music Producers: Learn to retune to 432hz in Ableton and Prologic, experience other artists intentional frequency content and learn to make Binaural Beats.

You have probably heard the controversy before. Back in the day they decided to tune everything to 440hz so the operas and performances were supposedly tuned to one another and the show was the same everywhere. However, could there be a more sinister agenda to remove us from our natural order since 432hz is a recognized harmonic in nature and a Solfeggio frequency known to heal the body? Many think so…also evident by the Gregorian calendar has 12 months versus 13 moons every woman on the planet’s body responds to naturally. One can definitely make an argument that our natural order has been lost.

Historically some the greatest artists also followed the philosophy to create and share music with 432hz tuning including Jimi Hendricks and Prince. Many artists today explore the visionary aspects of their music career by incorporating these intentional frequencies for healing purposes.

The purpose of this article is to encourage all music producers out there to so the same and to challenge ourselves to provide high vibrational content for humanity

Here is a start on how to retune your synths and samples in Ableton:

Here is how you can retune in Pro Logic HERE. Here is more information on how you can incorporate Solfeggio frequencies in Ableton:

Here is a link to all Solfeggio Tones so you can here them: Here is another link to the Online tone Generator where you can create and download any specific tones or frequencies:

Here is a great video on how to create Binaural Beats for the most effective brain entrainment.

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