Learn How To Move UP The (Vibrational) Emotional Scale

The Law of Attraction isn’t just about techniques and tricks; it’s a lifestyle in itself, and one that teaches how our emotional state (and vibrational scale) can impact the way our life develops. Learning to move up the emotional scale is all about having a more harmonious and joyful daily experience; one that helps you

  • By Katherine Hurst
  • Updated July 13th, 2016

The Law of Attraction isn’t just about techniques and tricks; it’s a lifestyle in itself, and one that teaches how our emotional state (and vibrational scale) can impact the way our life develops.

Learning to move up the emotional scale is all about having a more harmonious and joyful daily experience; one that helps you to manifest more effectively by bringing you fully in tune with your own intentions.

What Are You Feeling And Thinking?

Have a look at the Emotional Guidance Scale below and try to find where you are emotionally on the scale. It is incredibly important to figure out what you are thinking and feeling. This is the first step to moving up the emotional scale.

TIP: Feelings can be simple and complex. It is possible to have several feelings at the same time. If you are experiencing several of these at the same time, take note of all of them. Complex negative feelings need to be broken up into simple ones so that you can start to understand what you can do to make yourself feel better.

LOA Emotional Scale

Before we look at the different tips and techniques for moving up this emotional scale, there are several things that you need to understand about feelings:

  • Feelings are influenced by our thoughts and perceptions.
  • We tend to suppress our feelings.
  • And suppressed feelings lead to anxiety and depression.
  • Feelings are contagious.
  • But we are all entitled to have feelings. Feelings simply exist. We are all human, and we all sometimes feel jealousy, hatred, frustration, irritation and other negative emotions. There is no need to blame yourself for these feelings because this way you will only create even more negative emotions. Just accept that you feel what you feel and get ready to turn the negative energy into positive energy.
  • Bad feelings lead to even worse feelings. But good feelings create better feelings. This is the concept of upward and downward spirals.

How You Can Move UP The Emotional Scale

Here are 4 techniques for moving up the emotional scale.

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1. Priming The Scale

The morning is a magical time; you have a blank slate to work with as you first emerge from the unconscious world of sleep. Therefore, what you think and feel during these early moments can have a huge impact on where you lie on the emotional scale throughout the day.

Find something to be grateful for as soon as you wake up. Focus on it for 1-2 minutes before getting out of bed. Connect those feelings of gratitude toward your intention to manifest what you want, and let excitement and enthusiasm flood your body.

On a side note, the morning is also an excellent time to engage in spiritual activities like meditation, creative visualization, or yoga. If you can set aside 10-20 minutes for one of those activities, you’re starting the day as far up the emotional scale as possible.

2. Balancing The Scale

You can’t avoid encountering at least a small amount of negativity in the world each day; whether it comes from someone with a bad attitude or from a devastating story in the news. And, as you know, you do attract what you emit and you’re emitting at least a degree of negativity when you encounter these things.

Using the Law of Attraction doesn’t require you to deliberately blind yourself to all negativity to the point that you’re entrenched in denial. While it is, of course, important to create a positive environment internally and externally, it’s useful to acknowledge the existence of negativity so that you can deliberately and purposefully balance the scale of what you are manifesting.

Since positive feelings, beliefs, and thoughts hold so much more power than negative ones, even simple exercises can serve as scale-balancing. For example, try taking just 10-15 minutes per day to intentionally reflect on things that are only positive. You can do this any way that feels right; whether you visualize wonderful memories, focus on upcoming events, or write down lists of things that make you happy.

Regardless of your approach, you should quickly start to see the scale turning; more positive things and events will likely come your way.

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 3. Maintaining Your Place On The Scale

There are also little things you can do throughout the day to reduce your chances of sliding back down the emotional scale. In particular, it’s crucial to take breaks from the demands of work, family, and society in order to quiet your mind and reconnect with the present moment.

As you’ll know from reading common Law of Attraction success stories, mindfully anchoring yourself to the present reliably accelerates the manifestation process.

Try taking simple breaks of 1-2 minutes every couple of hours. Commit to focusing purely on your breathing during these interludes. Breathe deeply, inhaling from your diaphragm and filling up your lungs. Then slowly and gently exhale as you feel your body relax.

If you’re already used to practicing mindfulness exercises, you might prefer to spend 1-2 minutes on your breath and then a further 1-2 minutes connecting with all of your bodily sensations and systematically relaxing any tense muscles you encounter.

Regardless of its deceptive simplicity, this type of exercise helps you disconnect from external stressors and builds the type of resilience that keeps you at a reliably productive place on the emotional scale.

4. The Unconscious Emotional Scale

When you’re asleep, your unconscious mind is still active. This means you’re still unknowingly having an impact on what you’re able to manifest and the rate at which you’re able to manifest it.

To move further up the emotional scale during sleep, you can try techniques that put your mind in a particularly good place as you start to drift off. You can choose to do a creative visualization exercise as you fall asleep. However, if you’ve had a long and tiring day then it’s often easier to commit to something simpler that requires less energy.

One of the most powerful exercises for moving up the unconscious emotional scale involves asking yourself this straightforward question: “What was the best thing that happened to me today?”. Think of the day’s blessings and the major sources of goodness in your life.

You may be surprised by the moving little moments that you remember, moments that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Your mind will continue to answer and explore this question as you fall asleep. Consequently, this should elicit responses in your unconscious and strengthen your potential to manifest.”